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Illustrating of  a hand distributing real estate to other hands

California real estate: Change the ownership, increase the tax

football players

What I’ve learned about life, law and sports


Developments in aircraft and marine finance for 2016


California expands pay equity, limits pay stub requirements

serivce of process

Nevada case a reminder to foreign entities: Protect your due process rights when served


What U.S. companies need to know about their IP rights post-Brexit

U.K. flag with Big Ben in background

U.K. now requires supply chain transparency on human trafficking risks

insurance policy

Upcoming CLE examines ways to avoid tax traps in life insurance

illustration of people using a large umbrella as a bridge over a cliff

Key considerations for representation and warranty insurance


Was that trader really 'spoofing'? Focus on the statute’s words, not the regulator’s claims

paper cut-outs of people

Doing business in California or the UK? You may be required to be a watchdog for human trafficking

pen, graph, stock chart

Proposed Bayer-Monsanto merger presents a charitable planning opportunity

IRS building

Proposed changes to Section 2704 could spur tax increase for owners of closely held businesses

illustration of money being handed from one person to another

Can a futures brokerage firm pay trailing commissions to an inactive AP or his estate?

restaurant table

New Illinois law prohibits non-competition agreements with low-wage employees

freshwater ditch

Do you need a Section 404 permit for your real estate development?

Construction Workers

Unpaid construction work? Stay calm – and make sure every word of mechanics lien is accurate

restaurant table

IRS releases updated safe harbors for management contracts in tax-exempt bond-financed projects

Hand typing on computer

Technology companies: Are your employment policies due for a reboot?

Company Employee Benefits Manual

IRS issues new rules for 'closed' defined benefit plans

IRS building

Section 409A: Top 10 rules for compliant non-qualified deferred compensation


Key details about the Defend Trade Secrets notification requirement


Missouri expands project delivery options for public works projects


Waivers of implied warranty strengthened for condo, home builders in Illinois

row of fashion ties

Fashion industry awash in copyright lawsuits: What you can do

metal worker

Former head of OSHA discusses workplace injury policies, DOJ enforcement


U.S. Department of Labor issues final rule updating overtime regulations


New OSHA reporting and anti-retaliation rules

U.S. Supreme Court

Class action defendants benefit from Spokeo’s ruling on standing


Update on academic use of drones

woman whispering secret

What you need to know about federal trade secret protection


Court preserves GM’s copyright claims against Autel and its VP

Business People

DOL’s fiduciary rule levels playing field for advisors, imposes new duty on brokers


Public contracting requirements: Not just for ‘traditional’ government contractors


Key takeaways for creditors after the Supreme Court's divided ruling on spousal guarantors


Micro UAS Committee charts bold new course for FAA treatment of smaller unmanned aircraft


California ups the ante on minimum wages


Shippers, are you ready for SOLAS’ verified container weight mandate?


Filing Form 709: Beyond the basics of gift tax returns


Construction due diligence: Sooner is always better than later

computer code

Commodities traders, know thyself: Are you a pool or prop shop?


What’s next for class action defendants after Tyson Foods?


Post that policy: California FEHA amended regs take effect April 1, 2016


Drone technology: The regulatory outlook


Anti-drone technologies: The regulation challenge


Preemption prevails in watercraft case under Federal Boat Safety Act

airplane at sunset

Trade Compliance Handbook

US EU flags

Checklists of Foreign Countries Subject to Sanctions


Get the basics on two federal bills affecting employee benefits


Missouri municipal entities must follow statutorily-required steps before executing settlement agreements

paper cut-outs of people

Government contractors must address domestic trafficking


EEOC wants employer payroll data to discover pay discrimination


Staffing agency workers and ACA offers of coverage

boardroom chairs

New rules on the block: SEC targets executive compensation

metal worker

DOJ shifts enforcement of worker safety violations to Environmental Crimes Section


Tips for commodity brokers and traders facing auto-renewal provisions in vendor agreements


CFTC rule change brings record-keeping relief for commodity dealers and end-users


California employers: Are you ready for 2016?


Voluntary disclosure opportunity for cloud computing services in Chicago


Plaintiffs use catalyst theory to win attorney's fees after Ford class action mooted by recall


Aaron Lacey and Chris Murray explain what it takes to reauthorize the Higher Education Act


Major update to bankruptcy forms effective December 1, 2015


California auto dealers: Re-check your pay plans and wage statements before January 1, 2016


Nonqualified deferred compensation plan update


California Highway Patrol seeks to eliminate identity theft in vehicle purchases with proposed new thumbprint requirement


Senate committee examines unmanned aircraft system safety, privacy concerns


Trick or Treat for California employers