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Credit Report Blog
Focused on financial services litigation, this blog covers legal issues that banks, finance companies, and other lending institutions encounter in litigation and bankruptcy proceedings throughout the country.

Food Fight
Thompson Coburn has long counseled clients in the agriculture, food, and consumer products industries. This blog provides analysis regarding emerging litigation trends and challenges related to those industries (the “Food Fight”), as well as relevant legislative and regulatory developments.

The Ground Floor Blog
Whether you’re traveling the 405, the 101, or the I-80, California is all about commercial real estate. In fact, other than water, many believe the most important legal issues concerning the Golden State are those with respect to the acquisition, management, and disposition of real property.

Health Law Checkup
This blog from Thompson Coburn’s Health Care Practice Group provides updates and insights on the latest legal developments affecting the health care industry.

In Focus The Photo Copyright Blog
This blog informs both photographers and users of photographs about the copyright laws and doctrines applicable to photographs.

Internet Law Twists & Turns
Internet law is a lot like non-Internet law — but it usually involves some twist. This blog writes about business law basics with an Internet law twist. It also covers other legal issues related to the creation, publication and dissemination of information via the Internet, including data privacy, online advertising, and mobile technologies.

Life Sciences Decoded
This blog covers the life sciences industry and the regulatory developments that affect it. It examines and analyzes the latest activity by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Federal Trade Commission, Drug Enforcement Administration, and other related local, state and federal regulatory bodies.

Patent Billy Goat
Sometimes it takes a billy goat to counter a patent troll. With the right mix of intellect, strategy, and stubborn resolve, the playing field can be leveled. This blog educates those unfamiliar with patent law or patent litigation with the basics of both. It also provides information on the latest developments in the law and cutting-edge strategies in patent litigation.

This blog strives to help the higher education community manage a fast-changing and increasingly complex regulatory environment. It focuses on the extraordinarily broad and sophisticated set of legal challenges faced by contemporary post-secondary institutions and provides practical, concise, and accessible resources for professionals working in the higher education arena.

Sweepstakes Law Blog
Any company considering contests or sweepstakes should be familiar with the myriad laws and regulations relating to these valuable marketing tools. This blog discusses news related to sweepstakes, monitors current development in case law and tracks enforcement of sweepstakes laws across the country and around the world.

Tracking Cannabis
As the medical cannabis industry begins to mature, early innovators and investors face a jumble of local and state regulations to navigate – not to mention the conflicting federal laws that pose additional risks to the industry. This blog tracks the latest legal developments affecting the industry.