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Deona Kalala


Washington, D.C.
202 585 6968 direct

From mid-market to Fortune 500 companies, manufacturers to financial institutions and transit agencies, Deona works with clients on antitrust claims and complex civil litigation, including cases involving contract disputes, class actions, breach of fiduciary duty, and commercial loan disputes.

She recently represented a client in a matter that resulted in a $60,000 judgment on a breach of contract claim. She has also helped obtain favorable settlements involving breach of bond payment claims and products liability claims.

Deona counsels clients on various antitrust issues related to federal regulations, including the Clayton Act, Sherman Act, and Robinson Patman Act. With a strong interest and a Master's degree in economics, she has a clear understanding and appreciation of the market's effect on the way businesses operate and compete, as well as a unique perspective on how certain empirical models may factor into the courts' analyses of antitrust matters.

Deona also works closely with our transportation practice in Administrative Procedure Act claims and constitutional law matters involving tonnage clause and commerce clause claims.

Clients describe Deona as reliable, diligent, and solution oriented. Prior to beginning her law practice, Deona was a client representative for IBM, where she led a team of specialists to deliver value to mid-market clients in the manufacturing, distribution, and retail sectors.

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