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Jarrod Sharp


St. Louis
314 552 6516 direct

Jarrod is a transactional attorney with over 15 years of experience representing lenders, community development entities and investors in connection with a broad range of real estate and commercial finance projects.

On the real estate side, Jarrod most enjoys working on commercial development projects that utilize one or more state and federal tax credit programs and other incentives like new markets tax credits, historic rehabilitation tax credits, and real property tax abatement to construct and/or rehabilitate real property.

From start to finish, he manages these highly sophisticated projects, which require a significant amount of time and specialized legal experience, as well as close collaboration among real estate developers, funding sources and governmental bodies. For Jarrod, the effort is certainly worth the outcome: These projects often result in significant economic development in low-income areas. In fact, many of the projects Jarrod has been involved with not only stand on their own as significant economic redevelopment vehicles but have also served a catalyst for additional, substantial economic redevelopment in the communities where the projects are located.

In his robust commercial finance practice, Jarrod works closely with community development entities that use federal and state new markets tax credits to invest in operating businesses in low income communities. These projects routinely involve mezzanine loans, heavily subordinated loans, and/or equity investments that improve the balance sheets of the companies receiving the investments, allowing them to invest additional capital in growth strategies and job creation. In this area, Jarrod has also led financings for mergers and asset acquisitions, which require multiple funding sources like private equity and senior and subordinate debt.

Additionally, Jarrod also leads significant work with financial institutions in connection with unique tax-credit related loan structures, including leverage loans used to finance new markets tax credit-qualified equity investments and loans to tax credit syndicators used to purchase a portfolio of various state and federal tax credits, including low income housing tax credits.

Jarrod is proud of his leadership in the tax credit arena and honored to have worked on projects across the U.S. that have preserved historic buildings, supported the work of entrepreneurs, delivered thousands of jobs to underserved communities, and created strong returns for investors. He enjoys the collaborative nature of these transactions and the opportunity to serve as a connection point for the banks, developers, and government authorities that work together on projects.