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Ruth Streit


St. Louis
314 552 6381 direct
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Ruth counsels clients on all issues related to the design, implementation, qualification and administration of defined benefit pension plans, 401(k) plans and welfare plans; executive compensation; stock option and other incentive compensation plans.

She works directly with senior HR professionals at major regional and national companies with hundreds of thousands of employees, providing clear, comprehensive guidance on day-to-day questions about employee benefits. Ruth has extensive experience with plans for entities in the health care industry, including tax-exempt organizations and church plans.

In recent years, she has assisted health care attorneys working with clients that directly contract with major companies to provide health care services, and provided advice on ERISA group health plan requirements and other compliance issues.

She also provides counsel on employee benefits issues in mergers and acquisitions and in ERISA litigation.

Before pursuing a career in law, Ruth worked for 16 years in the human resources department of a major national retailer, including seven years as Vice President, Compensation and Benefits, where she managed pension and 401(k) plans, executive benefits, deferred comp plans, equity plans, and job classification and performance review matters. From this experience, Ruth understands the specific concerns of HR professionals, and offers practical, highly responsive counsel that supports their departments and helps corporate leadership achieve their goals.


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