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Vicky Bray


St. Louis
314 552 6179 direct
314 552 7179 fax

Vicky has 19 years of experience in estate and trust administration, preparation of income and estate tax returns and limited experience within the accounting industry.

Vicky has extensive contact with attorneys and clients while assisting them with probate issues including the preparation of small estate affidavits or drafting documents to open a probate estate.  She will then follow through with e-filing such documents and making sure court requirements are met in a timely manner.  She will also work with out-of-state attorneys to file ancillary probate proceedings when necessary. Vicky files insurance claims, unclaimed property claims, locates lost assets, values assets, transfers/sells probate and non-probate assets, transfers assets into trusts, helps maintain trust accountings for clients and prepares estate tax returns when necessary.  Vicky also helps determine the basis of assets and assists the accounting department with maintaining accurate information for our trust accounting clients.  She has limited accounting experience in managing payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll taxes and sales tax for small firms and businesses.