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Cybersecurity Bits and Bytes

Cybersecurity Bits and Bytes

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3 things your school should know about Missouri State Auditor’s emphasis of cybersecurity


Schools should take notice of the Missouri Auditors’ recommendations and carefully consider those recommendations when looking at their own cybersecurity programs. READ MORE

Executive order presents three-pronged approach to improving U.S. cybersecurity


The May 11 Executive Order is a strong effort toward upgrading and addressing the United States’ cybersecurity capabilities. But it remains to be seen what sort of commitment the efforts identified will receive from Congress, private enterprises, and the rest of the government. READ MORE

New Mexico comes late to data breach party, requires promptness

data protection

One of only a few states without its own data breach notification law, New Mexico is about to join the ranks of 47 states with such laws. HB15, awaiting the governor's signature, requires an expedient 45-calendar-day notification window. READ MORE

Is breach mitigation the next wave of cybersecurity regulation?

Melissa Ventrone, CIPP/US February 9, 2017
data privacy

More and more, regulators are focusing their rulemaking power not just on how a company responds (or doesn’t respond) to a data breach, but the steps it took far in advance to prevent or mitigate such a breach. READ MORE

FINRA fines again target financial firms for failure to follow regs

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FINRA has sent a clear message to member firms that it is very serious about enforcing its cybersecurity regulations. Requirements to protect personal information as well as to preserve necessary evidence are not being taken lightly by FINRA. READ MORE

Chicago cybersecurity event to address U.S.-EU data regulation

Melissa Ventrone, CIPP/US September 13, 2016
US EU flags

Cybersecurity chair Melissa Ventrone will team up with colleagues from the United Kingdom on Sept. 29 to present “Transatlantic data: What U.S. companies need to know about the GDPR and EU data privacy laws” in Chicago. The one-hour CLE-accredited program will address the European General Data Protection Regulation, which was adopted this year and comes into full effect in May 2018. READ MORE

NIST and FAIR develop tool to merge cybersecurity risk standards


A set of joint resources from NIST and FAIR can help cybersecurity professionals to both prioritize risks in their organization and allocate security resources to the most critical areas of exposure. READ MORE

Can 3D printing technology be stolen by sound recorders?

3D Printer - Hand

There is little question that 3D printing is an important part of technology and manufacturing development. But a recent study may raise some concern over the security of that technology in an unexpected way. READ MORE

What you need to know about the new EU-U.S. data transfer pact

US EU flags

The U.S. and EU have negotiated a new pact that would allow for U.S. companies to collect and store personally identifying information about EU citizens and to protect those citizens’ privacy pursuant to EU standards. So what are the requirements of this new Privacy Shield and what do they mean for U.S. companies doing business with European customers? READ MORE