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Small photo credit removal may result in big damages

Mike Nepple September 14, 2020
A closeup of a smartphone held by a hand displaying news

Omitting a small print photo credit can get you in big trouble under the copyright laws. That’s what happened recently when a court affirmed an award of almost $74,000 against BuzzFeed, when a reporter copied a photo from the New York Post and removed the photographer’s name. READ MORE

Why potential claimants should take care with DMCA takedown demands

Justin Mulligan September 1, 2020

A recent decision shows why intellectual property owners need to verify the merit of their DMCA takedown notices before making them. Improper DMCA takedown notices can lead to costly litigation and potential liabilities. READ MORE

Trump Skittles tweet illustrates photo copyright hazards

Mike Nepple October 31, 2016
Halloween candy

Even Halloween candy and political messages can implicate copyright law, as Donald Trump Jr.’s Skittles tweet illustrates. The actions taken by the photographer illustrate the two most common steps available to photographers whose works are infringed on the Internet. READ MORE