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Internet Law Twists & Turns

Internet Law Twists & Turns

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Securing assent: The Internet twist of electronic contracts

Mark Sableman October 11, 2016
Illustration of a contract being extended from a computer screen

Even the age-old law of contracts has been altered by the Internet. The big Internet twist for contract-making is assent: If you are doing business on the Internet, take care to obtain clear assent from the parties with whom you are dealing, and preserve good evidence of that assent. READ MORE

Trade secrets law in the Internet age

Mark Sableman July 1, 2016
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If a trade secret leaves your building in papers in the briefcase of a renegade employee, you may be able to recover the papers and reestablish the confidentiality of the trade secret. But if it is posted on the Internet, it will likely be copied, recopied, and distributed to so many people that full recovery won't be possible. READ MORE

Electronic marketing’s Internet twist: Use e-mail, not faxes or texts

Mark Sableman March 14, 2016

The penalties and enforcement methods of the TCPA are the real problem for marketers. Each improper fax, to each recipient, carries a minimum $500 civil penalty. And the TCPA is enforceable by private attorneys, who usually bring their claims as class actions. A single mistaken fax to thousands of recipients can lead to millions in liability. READ MORE