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About Patent Billy Goat

Patent Billy Goat

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Welcome to the Patent Billy Goat.

In the patent world, patent trolls, like the nasty troll from the tale, spring upon unsuspecting businesses and, without warning, demand that the businesses pay an exorbitant licensing fee (or face expensive patent litigation) to continue practicing their business. Faced with a lack of knowledge and resources to fight back, unsuspecting businesses and the sophisticated alike are left with little choice but to pay the troll’s extortive tolls.

But this does not have to be the case. Patent law need not be daunting and mysterious. And just like in the Billy Goats Gruff, through the right mix of intellect, strategy, and stubborn resolve, the playing field can be leveled.

This blog aims to do two main things: First, educate those unfamiliar with patent law or patent litigation with the basics of both, including:

  • How patents are obtained
  • How patents can be invalidated
  • How patents are infringed
  • How to evaluate claims of patent infringement
  • Strategies for overcoming accusations of patent infringement

Second, for those who have some familiarity with patent law and patent litigation, this blog will provide information on the latest developments in the law and cutting-edge strategies in patent litigation.

If there’s anything you would like to see discussed on the blog, any questions you may have regarding patent law or patent litigation, or if you would like to contribute an article or post to the blog, please just let me know.