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Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Jeff Brown March 7, 2018
Roaring Brüllender Tiger

A California resident was recently denied a Conditional Use Permit to keep as many as five tigers on her property outside of Malibu. READ MORE

Appraisals for commercial lease extensions: A step-by-step guide

Jeff Brown May 3, 2016

We’ll go through the basic steps of an appraisal to determine rent, including when the appraisal process starts, how to pick an appraiser (or appraisers), and how a rent determination is actually made. READ MORE

And in this corner: Judicial referees as alternatives to juries in California

Jeff Brown March 28, 2016

California property owners are no more likely than any other business to opt for judicial reference, but because they are so contract-intensive, real estate disputes have spurred several interesting appellate opinions that in recent years have looked at the benefits — and limitations — of this uniquely Californian option for dispute resolution. READ MORE

Drone users to lawmakers: ‘Should I stay or should I go?’

September 21, 2015

Real estate brokers, agricultural entities and utilities among others have increasingly used drones to photograph, monitor, or inspect properties, with new applications and hardware enhancements being introduced continuously. Clarity regarding just where and at what altitude these drones can operate is a goal easily stated, but as Governor Brown just demonstrated, it is a goal not easily achieved. READ MORE