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Episode 1: Dr. Lee Sacks on the state of pop health

Eric Tower December 5, 2019

Eric Tower
Lee Sacks

For the first episode of this podcast series, we couldn’t think of a better guest than the person who many in the health care industry consider the father of pop health, Dr. Lee Sacks. The pair discuss when and how organizations should begin to engage with pop health, as well as the hot topic of clinical integration.

Lee was ranked as Modern Healthcare’s 2018 ranking of the 50 Most Influential Physicians in Healthcare before he retired as the Chief Medical Officer of Advocate Aurora Health. By training, Lee is a family physician but eventually transitioned into administration. During his robust career, he has held the titles of Executive Vice President and CEO.

Some highlights from Eric Tower's discussion with Lee:

On payor attitude:

“There’s a lot of good press coverage about what payors are doing. However, I’ve rarely see payors who have been able to improve the health of a population outside of partnering with a delivery system and creating the right incentive. The reality is most of the time the incentive has been stilted towards the payor.”

On the cultural underpinnings of pop health:

“I came to use the term “shared governance,” it was one that I took from my nursing colleagues. Shared governance reflects the fact that frontline practitioners utilize a culture of teamwork. Without that mentality you’re not going to be successful.”

On the impact of information systems on health care:

“You have to be able to interpret the data and understand what’s actionable and what isn’t. You have to leverage the science and the softer side of medicine with the objectivity of hard data and what the artificial intelligence engine is telling us.”

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