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Episode 2: Deb Geihsler on employer-based health

Eric Tower December 5, 2019

Debra Geihsler
Deb Geihsler

In this episode of Talking Pop Health, Eric Tower is joined by Deb Geihsler, founder and Principal of Activate Healthcare. Together, they dissect the ins and outs of employer-based health clinics that provide quality care at a lower cost. Additionally, Deb shares what sets Activate Healthcare apart from other clinics and why she selected the health care model it uses to provide excellent patient satisfaction.

Since its formation in 2010, Activate Healthcare has seen rapid growth of 20-40% nationwide each year. The organization serves over 100,000 members and consistently lowers total health care costs by 10-25% for employers.

Some highlights from Eric’s conversation with Deb:

On the RVU system (relative value units) compared to other compensation methodologies:

“You’ll hear a lot about primary care physicians who feel like they’re burned out because they’re tired of the RVU system – they have to see more and more patients to maintain their compensation and they’re charting on their EMRs [electronic medical records] at night. None of that contributes to quality care. So what we wanted to do was make sure that they can practice medicine the way they want to practice medicine: by getting to know the patient, understand them and manage them more holistically.”

On Activate’s solution to high deductible health plans:

“When we started transferring the cost risks to the patient, we started seeing patients putting things off. Even though physicals would be at no cost, patients were concerned that they would need more expensive, out of pocked specialty care. In our model, we want the patient to have a physician who’s going to sit down, listen to them and manage their total care at the lowest possible cost.”

On patient engagement:

“A lot of times I see physicians who are trying to find a solution without engaging the patient. They add technology and all kinds of other services all without engaging them. When in reality, the solution is to hear their story, understand them, guide them and have a true provider managing their care.”

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