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Episode 10: Mark Nolan of Hint Health

Eric Tower November 4, 2021
Mark Nolan
Mark Nolan
Mark Nolan

After taking a short hiatus, Talking Pop Health is back with Host Eric Tower. This week, Eric is joined by Mark Nolan, COO of Hint Health, a full-service Direct Care Administration platform dedicated to improving patient access and outcomes while lowering costs. Mark details the uniqueness of Hint, the current status of direct care and the challenges facing the U.S. health care system today.

As mentioned in the podcast, Hint’s annual Summit can be found here

On connecting providers and patients: 
“There are different ways they can come about it and that’s one of the very interesting parts of how things are developing these days. Doctors who are transitioning from fee-for-service into direct care are probably going to bring some of their fee-for-service patients over to that model. Outside of that, it might be word of mouth through their existing patients. Or they might market themselves and make their community more aware of this option. They may approach and work with local employers. There are different ways that they can grow their patient panel and we’ve seen a lot of different successful paths.”

On the feedback Hint has gotten about this model:
“While every person’s situation is unique, the most common points of feedback are how the direct care model enables better care. You have a relationship with your provider. ‘Longitudinal’ is often the word used in the industry. You have more time with them. It enables co-decision-making. If they’re not volume-based incentives, you basically have less potential for low-value care being provided. And then on top of the better care, you improve service.”

On the future of primary care:
“I think that from my perspective, both health care in general and specifically building a good system upon the foundation of great primary care, that’s the key. I’m excited about what position that Hint is in but also just reading the headlines where investment and interest is in and around primary care. I think this is, as people are saying, this is primary care’s moment in the sun. Let’s hope that sun stays up quite a while so that it gets back to where it needs to be.”

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