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Episode 7: Tomislav Žigo of Clayco on drone use in commercial construction

Tomislav Zigo
Tomislav Žigo 

This week on Three Lawyers and a Drone, Sean McGowan, Tyler Black and Mike Deutsch are joined by Tomislav Žigo, Vice President of Virtual Design and Construction at Clayco, a full-service real estate, architecture, engineering and construction firm. Tomislav provides insight on the increased use of drones in the construction industry. For Clayco, they have found that the use of drones has not only helped improve the building process but also has proved to be an effective tool for communicating to clients. 

Clayco, the first company in the United States to use drones on construction sites, is no stranger to aerial photography. They previously used satellite imagery on their construction sites up until mid-2014 when they transitioned to drones due to the ease of use. They now report that 100% of their construction sites nationwide utilize drone technology. 

Here are some highlights from their conversation: 

On drones improving the construction process:
“We like to communicate and follow up with our clients and partners to maintain a clear line of communication about the job site progress, which can entail conditions of the site or any potential issues that may arise. Drones offer an unprecedented dose of clarity for everybody that is associated to the job site.”

On what sets Clayco’s drone program apart from other construction companies:
“Clients just expect the use of drones and to have access to this information. So, it’s not anymore a bragging point to say we fly the drones. It’s just part of a tool kit. What really drives our adoption is how we’re delivering the drone data, how we are analyzing the drone data and ultimately how to distribute the drone data to our clients and to all stakeholders that are on a project.”

On integrating drones into all job sites: 
“Drones have become an on-demand service. If the client requires a different perspective, different kind of video, different kind of information, this is something that we can offer without necessarily mobilizing additional resources because we are empowering all of our job sites to have the technology ready.”

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