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Making the Most of Your Debriefing


This webinar is a part of Thompson Coburn’s Government Contracting TCLE series which also includes The ABCs of REAs and The "Key Personnel" Requirement in Government Solicitations

The role of a debriefing in the Government contracts process is often misunderstood. This Thompson Coburn webinar will examine the entire debriefing process, explain why agencies do what they do, and provide an understanding of how debriefings relate to bid protests. Among the learning objectives, attendees should better understand the Government’s obligations to provide a debriefing, the two basic types of debriefing available, what you are entitled to learn, how to prepare for a debriefing, and what to do with what is learned.

This webinar will cover:

  • When a debriefing is required and not required
  • What prompts a debriefing 
  • When in the process to request a debriefing
  • The two different types of debriefings
  • What you will learn at a debriefing
  • How to prepare
  • How a debriefing relates to a bid protest
  • Important timelines

The live presentation of this webinar was approved for 1.0 hour general CLE credit in California and Illinois and 1.2 hours of general CLE credit in Missouri. if you are interested in receiving credit for watching the recorded presentation, please click here.

Tim Sullivan

Originally Presented:
January 15, 2019