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Media turn to Renato Mariotti for insight into the special counsel’s investigation

June 14, 2017

As the public tries to understand the complex legal issues posed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, national media outlets have repeatedly turned to a Thompson Coburn partner for insight. 

CNN, The New York Times, Politico and MSNBC are among the outlets that have asked Renato Mariotti to draw on his experience as a federal prosecutor to comment on Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation and its various related legal issues. 

Some of that work included prosecuting obstruction of justice cases, which may be applicable in the special counsel’s investigation of the Trump administration. But there are differences as well. 

Renato told the Times: “While the publicly available evidence was sufficient for a United States attorney’s office to consider bringing an obstruction case if it involved a business executive or a low-level political figure, the higher stakes of going after a president would give prosecutors pause.” 

Renato said that providing insight and analysis to the media "can serve the public interest by providing knowledgeable, balanced analysis and explaining complex legal issues in a straightforward way." 

He believes it will help make potential clients aware of the work he does at Thompson Coburn, representing clients who are involved in government investigations and high-stakes civil litigation. 

For other attorneys who are being interviewed by the media, he suggests being concise and to the point. "No one likes listening to a lawyer talk too long," he said. "That includes judges." 

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