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Thompson Coburn announces new podcast: Talking Pop Health with Eric Tower

December 5, 2019

Thompson Coburn is pleased to announce that our new Chicago health care partner Eric Tower has launched a podcast, Talking Pop Health.

Talking Pop Health will examine health care topics that impact the way that millions of Americans receive care by featuring thought leaders of various backgrounds who will share their perspectives and the innovative solutions that are helping propel the health care industry forward.

What is population health? Pop health is an industry-wide effort to achieve the “Triple Aim” — improving the individual experience of care, reducing per-capita cost of care and improving the health of populations.

Click below to stream each episode from our website, or subscribe to Talking Pop Health on iTunes, Spotify or Stitcher.

Episode 1: Dr. Lee Sacks on the state of pop health

For our first episode, we couldn’t think of a better guest than the person who many in the health care industry consider the father of pop health, Dr. Lee Sacks. The pair discuss when and how organizations should begin to engage with pop health, as well as the hot topic of clinical integration.

Episode 2: Deb Geihsler on employer-based health

In this episode, Eric is joined by Deb Geihsler, founder and Principal of Activate Healthcare, to dissect the ins and outs of employer-based health clinics that provide quality care at a lower cost and with greater patient satisfaction.

About Eric Tower

Eric advises health care clients on a wide range of business-critical transactional and operational matters. He is a former executive and senior in-house counsel for the largest health care system in Illinois.