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Dale Joerling

Senior Counsel

St. Louis
314 552 6058 direct

Dale is a nationally recognized practitioner in the areas of sweepstakes and promotions law, and antitrust and trade regulation.

The founder of the preeminent legal blog on promotional sweepstakes and contests, Dale has advised major corporations and advertising agencies on all types of promotions for more than two decades. As one of the first attorneys to offer focused advice on this evolving area of law, Dale has counseled clients on promotions across the United States and represented foreign companies leading contests or sweepstakes aimed at U.S.-based customers.

In addition to writing and speaking frequently about top-of-mind regulatory issues for sweepstakes and contest sponsors, including the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, Dale assists clients with periphery issues, such as in-house incentives and promotions for employees or dealer-distributors, or promotions involving charitable donations, which often invoke a specific set of commercial co-venture laws. He and his team are known for their quick handling of promotions rules, regulations, and other considerations, and their creation of the Thompson Coburn Sweepstakes Creator, which allows sponsors to quickly transform their ideas for a promotion into a sweepstakes or contest that complies with all applicable federal and state regulations.

Dale began his career as an attorney with the Federal Trade Commission. He has drawn on that experience during the 30 years he has represented clients in antitrust and trade regulation matters across a variety of industries, including health care, telecommunications, fashion, and chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Dale helps clients build robust antitrust compliance programs and train employees on policy guidelines. For many years he has served as legal counsel to PharMACE, the National Association of Credit Managers' nationwide group of credit and financial executives, who represent many of the country's largest pharmaceutical companies.

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