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Erica Rancilio


Washington, D.C.
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Erica guides clients and litigates in regulatory matters concerning natural gas and oil pipelines and electric utilities.

Erica uses her extensive experience to ensure that natural gas, crude oil, refined products and natural gas liquids producers are able to protect their business interests in administrative litigation and settlement proceedings before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and in commercial negotiations.

Erica litigates cost-of-service and market-based rate cases and other proceedings challenging rates and tariffs filed by oil and natural gas pipelines and electric utilities. She advises clients on FERC jurisdiction and regulation under the Interstate Commerce Act, the Natural Gas Act and the Federal Power Act and helps identify regulatory solutions for business issues. Erica also advocates for stakeholders in energy policy matters before federal and state regulators.

Prior to entering private practice, Erica was a Trial Attorney at the FERC's Office of Administrative Litigation, where she negotiated and litigated natural gas pipeline and electric utility rate cases on behalf of the public interest.

Representative Matters

Served as lead counsel for oil producers in a crude oil pipeline cost-of-service rate litigation, which resulted in cost savings for clients and other ratepayers.

Served as lead counsel for oil producers in the first oil pipeline market-based rate litigation to apply the FERC's "used alternative" test for identifying competitive alternatives.

Served as lead counsel for a refinery owner in settlement negotiations and litigation regarding a refined products pipeline's request for market-based rates.

Served as lead counsel for natural gas liquids (NGL) producers in settlement negotiations and litigation regarding an NGL pipeline's request for market-based rates.

Advised crude oil producers in negotiations regarding FERC-compliant transportation service agreements on oil pipelines.

Negotiated a favorable settlement for a refinery owner in a case contesting an oil pipeline's capacity allocation tariff provisions.

Negotiated complex, multi-party settlements in natural gas pipeline rate cases that resulted in cost savings for natural gas producer clients and other ratepayers.

Litigated high-value issues related to a natural gas pipeline's capital structure and return on equity (ROE), which saved ratepayers millions of dollars.

Advised energy stakeholders and drafted comments on the FERC's ROE policy, income tax policy for Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) and the oil pipeline index.

Represented cooperatives in FERC proceedings regarding electric public utilities' cost-of-service formula rates.


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