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Harlan Harla


Southern Illinois
618 236 3419 direct

Harlan represents national railroads involved in lawsuits in state and federal courts in Illinois and Missouri, primarily in the areas of FELA, grade crossing accidents and personal injury.

Drawing on his past work experience as a brakeman and his extensive knowledge of the railroad industry, Harlan has helped clients achieve significant results before and during trial in historically pro-plaintiff venues like the City of St. Louis and St. Clair County. These results have included defense verdicts and the complete dismissal of claims through a strategic motion practice.

Recent trial successes

Obtained a complete defense verdict from a Southern Illinois jury in a FELA case where the plaintiff had requested $2 million during closing arguments (2016).

Secured a substantially lower verdict from a jury in the City of St. Louis in an injury case brought by a railroad conductor who claimed $600,000 in wage loss alone after a "career-ending" injury. (2015).