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Jeaniene Jackson


St. Louis
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Jeaniene has worked in the legal profession for over 35 years, primarily in the personal injury/products liability fields. She also has experience handling FELA, class action, business, commercial and intellectual property litigation.

For over  30 years, Jeaniene has participated in the firm's national representation of several prominent clients.

She has assisted in discovery and many trials including:   a two month multi-jurisdiction federal patent infringement case; two separate trials of a  challenging products liability case in California, both of which lasted three months and included numerous expert witnesses, depositions and hundreds of trial exhibits; a seven week products liability wrongful death case involving a personal watercraft; a personal watercraft explosion case in Seattle; an intellectual property arbitration in Chicago; a products liability utility vehicle case in Texas and, most recently,  a personal watercraft orifice injury case in New Jersey  - all of which were victories for our clients.

In the California case, the plaintiffs requested a verdict of more than $200 million, one of the highest in personal watercraft litigation history.

Jeaniene has prepared for and participated in trials around the country, some of which have included production of hundreds of thousands of documents. She has managed products liability cases involving over 2,500 plaintiffs in various jurisdictions.  She is also proficient in electronically  filing pleadings in courts across the nation.

In addition to being the lead paralegal, in several of these trials Jeaniene was also the trial presenter,  responsible for the organization and presentation of electronic exhibits in the courtroom.

Jeaniene also assists with the preparation and filing of motions in varying jurisdictions, some of which have resulted in successful summary judgment and exclusion of opposing expert witnesses. 

In 2009, Jeaniene was nominated for Paralegal of the Year of the St. Louis Paralegal Association.


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