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Sam Watkins


Los Angeles
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Sam focuses his practice tightly on trademark and related intellectual property litigation, with an emphasis on designing and implementing efficient brand protection strategies targeting counterfeiters, gray marketers, pirates, and others who illegally import or distribute copyrighted, patented, or trademarked goods. He advises leading companies in the apparel, luxury leather goods, eyewear, beverage, footwear, and fitness industry sectors on how best to address counterfeit and gray market issues.

Sam developed his innovative and highly effective approach to combating counterfeiters while representing one of the nation's largest consumer products companies. This successful brand protection effort involved numerous lawsuits against over one thousand importers, Internet vendors, retailers, and suppliers across the United States. These lawsuits not only resulted in multi-million dollar damages awards and settlements against counterfeiters and gray marketers, they also produced significant rulings in the field of trademark enforcement law.  Sam is nationally-recognized for his successful efforts to expand the law of contributory trademark infringement to increase the scope and effectiveness of brand owners’ litigation strategies.

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