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Impending Implementation of DOL Final Rule Draws Legal Challenges

Important Update: Compliance Requirements for New California Workplace Violence Prevention Law Effective July 1, 2024

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Community Property and the Corporate Transparency Act

EPA Makes Major Moves on PFAS in April

DOL’s New Rule Increases Salary Threshold for FLSA Overtime Exemption Eligibility

RED ALERT: FTC issues a new nationwide rule invalidating the use of employee noncompete agreements by most private employers!

‘Shadow Trading’ Verdict a Reminder for Companies to Review Insider Trading Policies and Train Insiders

Long-Awaited SEC Climate Disclosure Rule Draws Legal Challenges Across the Ideological Spectrum

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Now Available: The Uniform Grant Guidance (and Other 2 CFR) Updates

Using Pass-Through Entity Tax Benefits in M&A transactions

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Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) Resources

5 Things to Watch Out for in a Retail Lease Agreement

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Federal Push Brings More Incentives for Housing Development Near Public Transportation

H-1B Cap Lottery Season Has Arrived. Act Quickly Before the Window Closes!

Proposed Regulations for Advanced Manufacturing Production Credit: Section 45X and Its Impact on Clean Energy Components

‘Supercharging’ Office to Housing Conversions: New Federal Resources Available to Speed Conversion of Downtown Buildings

The Evolving Private Equity Landscape: 2023 in Perspective and Looking Ahead to 2024

New in New York City in 2024: Workers' Bill of Rights Notice and Posting Requirement

State Department to Launch Stateside H-1B Visa Renewal Pilot Program

Mergers at Risk: FTC and DOJ Issue New Guidelines to Enhance Powers to Challenge Mergers Across Industries

Upcoming New York Wage and Hour Changes

Update to Chicago Zoning Rules Streamlines Approval Timeline

New York Employment Law Update: NDAs Involving Discrimination, Harassment or Retaliation

California Employers, Are You Ready for 2024? 10 Things to Watch

Far-Reaching Federal Corporate Transparency Act to Become Effective January 1, 2024

Chicago’s Increased Transfer Tax Wins Key City Vote

The Clock Is Ticking for Employers to Use the New Version of Form I-9 Beginning on November 1, 2023

Proposed Increase in Real Estate Transfer Taxes in Chicago

Final Rules Issued Amending SEC Schedules 13D and 13G Beneficial Ownership Reporting Requirements

California's New Environmental Disclosure Laws Mandate Corporate Transparency

Missouri Department of Economic Development Proposes Changes to its Historic Tax Credit Regulations

SEC's Recent Rule Changes for Private Fund Advisers: What You Need to Know

Employers, Beware: Recent NLRB Decision Makes it Significantly Easier for Employees to Achieve Union Representation Without an Election

Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Expands Title VII Coverage in a Reversal of Longstanding Precedent

Missouri Court of Appeals Provides Additional Guidance on the Admissibility of Expert Testimony

Ohio Enacts New State Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program

Selling Federal Energy Tax Credits: Who, What, When, and How…and Other Important Points

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Federal Contractors: 14 Common FAR 52.204-27 (the “TikTok ban”) Questions Answered

FTC Announces Major Overhaul of HSR Merger Reporting Obligations