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Episode 5: Andrew Elefant of Kittyhawk

Three key elements of good corporate governance

Don’t get caught overlooking boilerplate clauses in commercial contracts

Tips for conducting a year-end 401(k) plan review

An overview of the Illinois Salary History Ban for employers

What’s my rate again? Revisiting lending boilerplate as LIBOR expires

What employers need to know about the DOL’s final rule on overtime exemptions

What you need to know about Missouri’s updated discovery rules

A checklist for drafting Section 457(f) plans for tax-exempt employers

Strategies for buy-sell agreements using insurance

What you should do when PE firm offers to buy your business: Part 3

Three key considerations when forming a nonprofit corporation in Missouri

Ten things employers should know about individual coverage HRAs

What you should do when PE firm offers to buy your business: Part 2

What the new Illinois Trust Code means for trustees and beneficiaries

What you should do when PE firm offers to buy your business: Part 1

What you need to know about the City of Chicago Fair Workweek ordinance

Proposed changes to Regulation S-K impacting disclosures

Illinois’s newly enacted ‘Workplace Transparency Act’ responds to the #MeToo movement

Why service level agreements are key for provider longevity and customer satisfaction

What the President’s executive order means for transactions involving the Government of Venezuela

Air, rail and marine finance: New or not-so-new things to know

Episode 4: Public and government use of drones

A government contractors’ checklist for building a FAR combating-trafficking compliance plan

Credit for cooperation: What you need to know about the DOJ’s new guidelines for FCA investigations

Episode 8: Eric Stisser reflects on the St. Louis Blues’ championship season

A student athlete’s fight against the system

Common slipups compromising the effectiveness of trusts you have or will create

EPA formalizes approach to avoid federal and state duplication of inspections and enforcement

Out with the old, in with the NAPSC: FTC announces changes to HSR Revenue Reporting

Episode 7: The state of sports betting

Adopting a naloxone in the workplace program: What employers need to know

Episode 3: Commercial UAS basics

Federal Circuit holds that states are not entitled to sovereign immunity in inter partes review proceedings

Section 4960 Excise Tax: What tax-exempt employers need to know

What U.S. businesses need to know about new restrictions on Huawei and the ICT supply chain

Aggressive government positions expand liability for non-traders

Air rules to watch for in second half of 2019

Episode 2: Tips for first-time drone operators

Episode 6: Addressing sports crises and diversity with David Cornwell

SEC adopts new procedure for confidential treatment requests and extensions

Episode 1: Drone disruptions at airports and public spaces

Remember to update your Form 8-K, Form 10-Q, and Form 10-K cover pages

Seven things employers should know about EBSA investigations

New ruling requires employers to submit pay data to the EEOC by September 30, 2019

Podcast: Three Lawyers and a Drone

EHS voluntary compliance prevents injuries and saves money

Understanding the importance of recent 403(b) ERISA settlements

What do the Labor Department proposed overtime changes mean to me?

Not so fast on your $87 million transaction: FTC increases advance notice threshold under HSR

Surprise billing legislation: What employers need to know

FAA announces new drone rule requiring visible UAS registration number

Bankruptcy court rejects risk-shifting liquidated damages clause in equipment leases

What employers need to know to implement the new hardship withdrawal regulations

City of St. Louis large building energy reporting deadline is May 1

How employers can use employee benefits to address climate change

City of Chicago expands TOD Development Benefits to certain bus routes

Could your company’s freebie for furloughed workers be an ethics problem for them?

Kina Hart’s message to EHS leaders: ‘Don’t leave safety to others’

‘Waters of the United States’ rule from EPA, Corps may make real estate development more easily achievable and less costly

What’s new with the Illinois Wage Payment Act and four other HR law changes for 2019

Spinning straw into gold: Modifying irrevocable trusts

Episode 5: Athlete activism and community engagement

City of Chicago set to expand TOD benefits

Retirement plans under Tax Reform 2.0: How the Family Savings Act could affect employers

Episode 4: Nona Lee and Vicky Neumeyer

A top hat plan checklist for employers

Strategies for estate planning during a divorce