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Illinois legislature makes substantial limiting changes to state law on non-compete and non-solicitation agreements

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IRS provides new guidance on the COBRA premium subsidy under the American Rescue Plan Act

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EEOC issues new guidance on COVID-19 vaccinations in the workplace

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Cooperation and a commitment to a compliance program results in a DOJ non-prosecution agreement for SAP

Missouri legislature passes new protections for businesses from COVID-19 suits

Litigation fees may be tax-deductible, confirms new Tax Court ruling

EPA incorporates environmental justice into enforcement policy: How can regulated industries prepare?

With the government’s attention turning to taxes, your estate plan may need your attention

OFAC initiates 45-day wind-down of Belarus General License 2

DOL guidance now available for COBRA premium subsidy

Key considerations for target companies in a SPAC merger

IRS clarifies employee retention tax credit rules for Q1 and Q2 of 2021

Growing U.S.-China tensions put companies in a bind

U.S. government response in China Section 301 Master Answer continues fight

U.S., EU, and UK ease trade tensions in Boeing-Airbus dispute and temporarily halt tariffs

IBA confirms cessation of LIBOR tenors

Illinois adds additional restrictions on use of background checks and new EEO requirements

SEC emphasizes ESG by establishing new website and taking public comments on climate disclosure

USTR proposes duties in response to six countries’ Digital Services Tax

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Changes to Missouri discovery rules made official by Missouri Supreme Court

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The NCAA Implements a Four Corners Offense As it Postpones NIL Rule Changes

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Prejudgment interest may be allowed in personal injury and wrongful death claims

FAA ends 2020 with announcement of two major drone rules

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Additional due diligence may be required for many exports to China

New administration, new priorities: Preparing for the Biden-Harris Administration’s key environmental focus areas

Key tax provisions in the coronavirus relief bill

EPA recommends new requirements in NPDES permits to address PFAS in wastewater and stormwater

Chicago raises 'Cloud Tax' in response to $1.2 billion budget gap