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Welcome to TCLE, Thompson Coburn's webinar program, designed to keep in-house counsel and their legal staff, as well as business professionals, updated on regulatory trends, upcoming challenges and proposed legislation - all of which can impact your business.

TCLE webinars cover a variety of subjects, generally last 60 minutes and begin at noon central time unless noted otherwise. Programming is geared for in-house counsel and their staff who are seeking cost-effective ways to maintain their CLE requirements and stay updated on changing legal issues and regulatory trends.

These webinars are also a great way for non-legal professionals to stay on top of current legal topics affecting their businesses and industries.

Conditions of Use/Disclaimer

The purpose of these webinars is to provide news and information on legal issues. All content provided is for informational purposes only, and should not be considered legal advice. The transmission of information from these webinars does not establish an attorney-client relationship with the viewer. The viewer should not act on the information contained in any of the materials or in presentation of these webinars without first consulting retained legal counsel. If you desire legal advice for a particular situation, you should consult an attorney.

The viewer is advised to check the date the webinar was recorded and, where the information presented is time sensitive, to seek out subsequent updates.

What presentations are currently scheduled?

How do I register?

How do I log in?

Can I view the presentation on my mobile device?

Will I receive handouts from the presentation?

When will I receive my CLE certificate?

How much do TCLE webinars cost to attend?

Why didn't I receive a confirmation email after I registered for a TCLE?

I have a question not addressed here. Is there someone I can contact?

Our TCLE webinars are pre-approved for continuing legal education credit in California, Illinois and Missouri. For attorneys requesting CLE in other jurisdictions, you will be provided the necessary forms to complete your request.

If you are seeking CLE credit for watching a recorded TCLE webinar, please check your CLE accrediting jurisdiction in advance of viewing the recorded webinar to determine whether viewing the recording qualifies for CLE credit in that jurisdiction.

For Illinois attorneys: the recording of a webinar is eligible for general CLE credit. To receive credit after watching the recording, please fill in the provided verification form. 

For California, Illinois, and Missouri registrants only:

Thompson Coburn is an accredited CLE provider in California, Illinois, and Missouri. Attendees seeking CLE from these jurisdictions will receive the necessary paperwork to support our granting the CLE.

For reporting purposes, when registering, we ask the following: all California and Illinois attorneys must provide their bar numbers, and all attendees must designate whether they are a practicing attorney. 

For New York, New Jersey, and Indiana registrants only:

For reporting purposes, attendees seeking CLE in New York, New Jersey, or Indiana will be required to verify their attendance. During the webinar, Thompson Coburn will verify attendance via code words announced by the presenter. Code words should be entered into the verification form located on the login instructions and submitted to the firm. For these jurisdictions, Thompson Coburn will provide reasonable assistance with CLE paperwork. It will be the responsibility of each attorney to handle CLE in his or her own state.

For all other jurisdictions:

For lawyers seeking CLE in other states, Thompson Coburn will provide reasonable assistance with CLE paperwork. It will be the responsibility of each attorney to handle CLE in his or her own state. While Thompson Coburn adheres to the strict accreditation rules for California, Illinois, and Missouri, please note that our webinars may not be eligible to receive credit in all states. 

Once attendance is verified, CLE certificates will be sent electronically.

For assistance with CLE certification and CLE certificates, please contact