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Amanda Hettinger


St. Louis
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Amanda is a litigator and a highly experienced litigation trial team leader for Fortune 500 companies facing class actions and complex business disputes.

She has spent her entire career helping companies effectively respond to class actions related to complex tax issues and consumer fraud allegations, particularly the disclosure aspects of the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act. Amanda has successfully argued motions and appeals in state court, drafted briefs securing the dismissal of multimillion dollar lawsuits in federal court, resolved significant tax disputes with state and local taxing authorities, and reviewed and drafted legislation aimed at resolving legal issues with a broader public impact.

She has also represented public sector entities with constitutional issues and related litigation surrounding pension reform efforts, including the City of St. Louis' high-profile victory regarding the $50 million overhaul of its firefighter pension program.

At the start of each matter, Amanda collaborates with in-house counsel to create effective litigation strategies and plan for the larger impact of the litigation on the company's business practices and products. She understands that more than just a litigation outcome is at stake, and takes the time to understand how litigation strategies align with the company's business model, including immersing herself in the industry at issue so she can connect with key internal stakeholders, from engineers to marketing/sales to business analysts, who may be affected by the litigation.

Amanda also pays close attention to legal spend when directing litigation teams, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and attention to detail across multi-disciplinary teams of attorneys, paralegals, technologists and external vendors.

Represented a Fortune 20 company in complex multi-year litigation regarding municipal tax obligations.

Represented a national telecommunications company in multi-state consumer merchandising practices litigation.

Represented one of the country's largest liquor distributors in a high-profile franchise and competition dispute.

Represented one of the country's largest public pension systems in a securities and contract action, including blue sky claims, against one of the world's largest custodial banks.