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David is Co-Chair of the Firm's Corporate and Securities Practice Group. He is a corporate architect who develops and implements creative legal strategies that help clients achieve their high-level business and financial objectives.

He leads mergers and acquisitions for companies of all sizes and industries, providing a practical, 360-degree perspective on domestic and international transactions. As one client remarked to Chambers USA (by Chambers & Associates), which ranked David for Corporate/M&A in Illinois from 2008-2016, he demonstrates a proven ability to "balance time, money, and outcome for clients."

David has led over $8 billion in securities offerings, and represents both issuers and underwriters in primary and secondary offerings of equity and debt. He also advises investors on their security investments in public companies, and represents private equity participants (including fundless sponsors and high net worth individuals) in their transactions. David frequently provides ongoing SEC compliance and reporting.

David has extensive experience in the private equity space, and helps buyers and sellers make smart, legally sound decisions on investments in a variety of sectors, from high-tech to innovative restaurant concepts to unique entertainment facilities.

Boards of directors, board committees and officers regularly look to David for practical, actionable guidance on their fiduciary duties and other obligations. He has helped boards and board members navigate changes of control, contests for corporate control, and other liabilities, all while working within the complicated state and federal regulatory framework governing public companies. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board for Zacks Trust - Zacks Earnings Consistent Portfolio ETF.

David is one of the few corporate practitioners who regularly advises financial advisors in connection with their engagements in rendering fairness and solvency and "non-solvency" opinions. He also advises both acquirers and sellers of SEC reporting "corporate shells" and other participants in mergers with these shells.

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