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St. Louis
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David is a 30-year veteran of the financial restructuring world who provides practical, straight-forward advice to all types of institutions that interact with a distressed business.

As the lead attorney for multiple high-profile matters, David is skilled at managing complex restructurings and unraveling the competing interests of all relevant parties. In both in-court bankruptcies and out-of-court workouts, David has led work on many complex, multi-party matters, including one recent case involving a large-scale fraud and tens of thousands of consumer claims. His clients include debtors, senior secured lenders, bondholders, creditors' committees, receivers and asset purchasers.

Tapping his business education, David looks for creative solutions that satisfy the diverse constituencies of a distressed business. He puts a premium on speed, as value erodes and options diminish nearly every day in a financial restructuring. David's quick thinking and persistence helps clients preserve value and plan for the future even as "the ice cube melts."


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