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Deanna Woll


St. Louis
314 552 6317 314 552 6317 direct
314 667 3633 fax

Deanna is a paralegal in the intellectual property practice area. She is currently working with both patent and trademark prosecution. She communicates with clients and acts as the primary contact between clients and their foreign associates.

She drafts and files PCT patent applications and documents necessary for national phase filing. Deanna works closely with foreign associates on the prosecution of foreign patent applications. She reviews office actions and drafts correspondence to clients regarding deadlines, instructions, status reports and Notices of Allowance. Deanna reviews documents such as applications, search reports, office actions, and patent families for the preparation and filing of Information Disclosure Statements. Deanna researches various databases for information regarding status and ownership. She communicates with the PCT office regarding Status Reports and Written Opinions. She prepares Powers of Attorney and PCT request forms pursuant to current rules and regulations.

Deanna drafts the paperwork for filing foreign trademark applications and corresponds with foreign associates regarding the prosecution of applications through registration. She drafts and files documents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office including Statements of Use, Declarations of Use, Extension Requests, new applications and renewal applications. She researches national trademark databases and obtains executed Power of Attorneys and legalized copies of documents pursuant to various country laws.