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Dremain Moore


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Drew represents clients in state and federal litigation and other types of business disputes, and works diligently to help clients achieve favorable outcomes that align with their specific business priorities.

He has worked on complex multi-district litigation involving biotech companies and major manufacturers, and litigation matters for other business clients that involved breach of contract and trademark disputes. For these cases and others, Drew conducts thorough legal research, drafts complaints, monitors calendar updates and filings, handles discovery filings and makes court appearances.

In one recent case, Drew worked closely on an effort to secure a judgment so a client could start collection proceedings against a delinquent investee. In another, he led an effort to find assets that could be collected by the client following a favorable settlement.

Drew is also active in pro bono matters and in one civil appointed case, helped secure settlement funds for a prisoner who brought a successful conditions of confinement claim.

Drew attended law school at George Washington University while finishing a decade-long career as a senior analyst in the legal department at Black Entertainment Television (BET). In that position, Drew was instrumental in helping the media company proactively respond to the dramatic business and legal changes spurred by the shift to a digital media landscape. From BET’s then-headquarters in D.C., Drew managed the contract process — from drafting to execution — for service agreements for vendors, performer and host-related talent deals, licensing agreements, and footage and photo licenses. He also assisted with litigation matters and oversaw the rights and clearance process for over 150 broadcast programs and series.

From his years inside a major corporation, Drew learned the flexibility and speed required to effectively anticipate and solve problems within a business. He uses that knowledge to guide his work for clients, providing a focused, thoughtful analysis of not just the case at hand, but any other areas of risk or conflict that may be on the horizon.