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Francis X. Buckley, Jr.

Senior Counsel

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Frank is a longtime advisor to financial service providers who assists with insolvency and restructuring matters, loan enforcement, and a host of other business issues.

He counsels the Firm’s clients and publishes and conducts seminars on numerous bankruptcy and creditors’ rights issues, including replevin, foreclosure under the Uniform Commercial Code, executions, enforcement of secured claims and environmental and real estate issues in bankruptcy proceedings.

He has represented lenders and creditors bankruptcy and insolvency cases and in repossession and foreclosure matters involving all types of personal property and real property. He has successfully orchestrated numerous replevin actions throughout the Midwest, recovering machinery, equipment, farm implements and inventories of metal goods and marine products. Frank has extensive experience in representing lenders to motor vehicle dealers in replevin cases and self-help repossessions, as well as Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. He has supervised and conducted the repossession and foreclosure of vehicles from single location dealers, as well as multiple location "mega" dealers. Additionally, Frank has counseled floorplan lenders concerning the disposition of motor vehicle inventory through private or public sale.


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Thompson Coburn Publications

Secured creditors beware


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