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Howard Lavin


New York
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Howard has a lengthy and vast history of representing employers in all aspects of employment and labor matters. He is well-versed in his clients' HR needs, with a proven track record of mitigating risk for clients and limiting their exposure to potentially costly claims.

Howard‘s risk-management approach has assisted employers in:

•  Creating "virtual" human resources departments
•  Reviewing and drafting personnel policies and procedures
•  Implementing management and supervisor training
•  Creating NLRB-compliant social media policies
•  Implementing COVID-19 workplace protocols

He advises clients on a variety of workplace issues, and has represented employers when necessary in both federal and state courts on matters including:

•  Discipline and discharge matters
•  Discrimination claims
•  Harassment claims
•  Wage and hour disputes
•  Labor and employment ramifications of mergers and acquisitions
•  Arbitrations
•  Severance and retention packages

Howard's experience also includes navigating:

•  Company downsizings
•  Mergers and acquisitions

He also presents and writes frequently about labor and employment law topics, staying abreast of the latest trends that impact his peers and clients.

Howard's clients include a wide variety of industries:

•  Insurance
•  Entertainment
•  Health Care
•  Finance
•  Manufacturing
•  Not-for-Profit organizations (outside counsel)

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