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Janette Lohman


St. Louis
314 552 6161 direct
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Janette has over thirty years’ experience practicing in all areas of state and local taxation, including representing clients before state and local taxing authorities in corporate and personal income, sales/use, ad valorem and municipal tax and license fee controversies; preparing sophisticated multi-state tax planning for all tax types and planning for and negotiating expansion/relocation incentives for corporate capital expansions, mergers and acquisitions.

Her recent experience includes the following:

Tax Audits and Controversies:
•  Co-chaired complicated state tax cases before administrative 
    and judicial tribunals and obtained for clients refunds or tax 
    reductions ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars 
    to millions of dollars; sales and use tax exemptions and other 
    forms of tax relief
•  Resolved numerous Missouri real property appeals involving 
    valuation and exemption issues without the need for trial
•  Drafted and assisted in the enactment of new legislation that
    provided new sales tax exemptions and beneficial property tax 
    assessment depreciation tables
•  Assisted numerous large and small companies in negotiating and
    implementing voluntary disclosure agreements with various state
    and local taxing authorities, including multiple state disclosures
    through the Multistate Tax Commission’s VDA program
•  Negotiated amnesty agreements for qualifying taxpayers in
    Missouri, Illinois and California
•  Obtained favorable private letter ruling requests for clients 
    involving various state and local tax issues in Colorado, Iowa,
    Kansas and Missouri
•  Assisted numerous taxpayers in successfully resolving audits
    without the need for trial in Arkansas, California, Florida,
    Illinois, Missouri, Ohio and Texas
•  Assisted in pre-audit planning and reverse audit strategies for
    large manufacturing companies
•  Drafted tax opinions to support FIN 48 compliance

Tax Credits and Incentives:

•  Purchased and sold hundreds of millions of dollars of state
    income tax credits on behalf of national banks and financial 
    institutions, including Missouri historic, remediation, new
    markets tax credits, affordable housing and low-income housing
    credits, and various state tax credit programs in Georgia, Idaho,
    Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Oregon and Utah
•  Negotiated and helped implement Missouri Chapter 100 bond
    financing tax abatements, including a $300 million energy
    peaking plant and a $325 million cement manufacturing facility
•  Negotiated and helped implement tax incentives deals with state
    and local governments related to plant expansions in Missouri,
    Illinois, Kansas, and Texas
• Drafted and helped enact legislation related to new and existing
   tax credit programs

Thompson Coburn Publications

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"Supreme Court of Missouri Applies Traditional Test to Determine a Taxpayer's Right to Apportion Income under Missouri's Single Factor Apportionment Method: Jay Wolfe Imports, Inc. v. Director of Revenue";
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Co-Author, "A Business Planning Guide To Successor Liability Laws, Parts 1 and 2";
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Co-Author, "Advanced Rulings – Taxpayers Can Obtain Binding Tax Advice from State Taxing Authorities – Part I";
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Co-Author, "Contractors Confront Sales and Use Taxes: General Concepts Plus New Developments";
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Co-Author, "Making the Conversion from Analog to Digital a Little Less Taxing: The Missouri MBA Property Tax Method";
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Over Fifty Co-Authored Articles Published in State Tax Notes;


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