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Jayna Marie Rust


Washington, D.C.
202 585 6929 direct

Jayna advises companies, transportation authorities and other entities  throughout the various stages of the contracting process and litigation. In doing so, she works with her fellow attorneys and clients to help the clients recover money owed under Federal contracts, protest problematic contract awards and challenge adverse agency actions.

She also counsels clients on contract- and grant-administration matters, including analyzing and negotiating subcontractor and subrecipient agreements, following small-business requirements and complying with domestic preference policies, such as the Buy American Act, the Trade Agreements Act, the Military Cargo Preference Act and the Civilian Cargo Preference Act.  Combining her work in both contract- and grant-administration matters, she also advises clients on developing procurement standards and policies and procedures that meet 2 C.F.R. 200 (Uniform Grant Guidance)  requirements.

Jayna uses some of her earliest legal experiences to work with  clients in identifying and crafting practical, yet resourceful, points and arguments when controversies arise during contract award and administration. She credits her judicial internships at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and U.S. Court of Federal Claims, as well as her internships with the Department of Transportation and a Korean shipbuilder, as having heavily influenced her approach to resolving and litigating disagreements and disputes.

A former middle school teacher and current adjunct law school professor, Jayna has been praised by clients and peers for her ability to take complex legal issues and make them interesting and understandable to others, even non-attorneys.

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