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Kyle Simpson

Senior Advisor

Washington, D.C.
202 585 6934 202 585 6934 direct

Kyle works with clients at the intersection of energy and environmental project development, policy and regulation. He works with businesses and legislators, regulators and policymakers on Capitol Hill and in the Administration to achieve legislative, regulatory, investment and project development goals in the energy, environmental, natural resources and foreign policy sectors. A problem-solving advocate, he seeks creative solutions to connect public policy and business realities.

Kyle has years of experience in the corporate and energy technology world, federal, state and local government and private practice. He offers his clients insight from various vantage points and understands the challenges each sector faces. He instinctively finds solutions to environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges while also advancing business objectives.

Kyle is working now with clients to develop environmentally superior "green" and "blue" energy and chemical projects. His work includes: bringing anthropogenic CO2 to dedicated secure geological storage sites and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) fields for use as a tertiary injectant and permanent storage. Developing and implementing workable incentives for carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS). Developing projects that include electrolytic production of hydrogen and the manufacture of hydrogen with CCUS. Net-zero emission natural gas production and transportation. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facilities and climate-friendly electric power generating systems. Kyle is working to manage the implementation of regulations that would benefit clients' businesses and create and deploy new clean energy technologies and add value to natural gas reserves.

As Senior Advisor to the U.S. Secretary of Energy, Kyle developed and oversaw domestic and international energy policy. As Associate Deputy Secretary of the Department of Energy, he was responsible for the energy R&D programs related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, natural gas, oil and coal and nuclear energy. He has been involved in major environmental initiatives, such as minimizing the environmental impact of natural gas and oil production, raising the efficiency of refrigerators and other appliances made in the United States and spearheading the effort to lift the ban on the export of crude oil produced from the Alaska North Slope. He also worked to secure royalty relief for the production of natural gas and oil from the Outer Continental Shelf and to sell oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to pay for its repair and maintenance.


Federal Energy Policy: Impact of the 2020 Election


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