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Stephanie Milner


St. Louis
314 552 6548 314 552 6548 direct

In her labor and employment practice, Stephanie partners with clients to develop solutions to workforce challenges so employers can focus on their businesses.

Stephanie counsels clients on all matters of labor and employment law, guiding employers through workplace compliance, risk mitigation, and dispute resolution. She fiercely represents clients facing employment litigation in the courts and helps employers respond to charges and navigate investigations before administrative agencies. Stephanie knows that effective representation begins before issues arise, so she regularly counsels employers on day-to-day human resource management needs, including drafting policies and procedures to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal law.

Prior to law school, Stephanie worked as a university administrator for large and mid-size institutions across the country. In that role, she honed her skills in personnel management, crisis response, and client relations. As a former personnel manager, herself, Stephanie understands the challenges employers face in complex legal landscapes. Her unique background enables Stephanie to relate to client experiences, foresee common issues and roadblocks in human resource operations, and ensure clients have a trusted source for the information they need to succeed.