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Talar Berberian


312 580 5042 direct

As part of Thompson Coburn's Real Estate/Land Use group, Talar advocates for clients in land use, zoning and licensing matters throughout Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.

She helps property owners, developers, and real estate purchasers secure timely zoning approvals for both residential and commercial developments, drawing on Thompson Coburn's longstanding relationships with city and municipal officials to successfully navigate the complex zoning process. Talar also helps to counsel clients on the community engagement process to gain critical buy-in from the various stakeholders involved in a potential project.

Talar closely monitors the frequent changes made to city and municipal zoning laws across Chicago and works proactively to ensure that clients are aware of new restrictions or opportunities that could affect future developments.

She has been particularly involved in recent projects involving transit-oriented development and affordable housing as the City of Chicago and its surrounding municipalities continue to update policies and ordinances in these areas.

Talar's unique educational background in urban planning gives her a holistic perspective of the challenges and opportunities clients face as they navigate complex land use and development issues with their properties.