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Checklists of Foreign Countries Subject to Sanctions

Robert Shapiro March 1, 2016

Countries Subject to Various Restrictions by the U.S., EU and UN

Linked below are checklists of countries that are subject to a variety of U.S. and EU-imposed restrictions affecting international trade. The countries are grouped into different categories based upon their nature; several of the countries are subject to more than one category of restriction. Although there is considerable overlap between the U.S. and EU checklists, the restrictions applicable to a particular country may differ significantly. Explanatory notes following the two checklists describe the different categories of restrictions for each.

The last page describes sanctions mandated by UN Security Council resolutions and also sets forth information regarding sanctions implemented by certain other countries.

Please note: The checklists are intended to alert users to possible issues involving transactions with the named countries or designated persons. They are not intended to constitute, or substitute for, legal advise. Because sanctions programs are subject to change, it is important to review, in advance, any planned dealings with sanctioned countries or persons.

Download the Checklists of Foreign Countries Subject to Sanctions