Letter from the Chair

You’ve chosen a career that is exciting, challenging and extremely satisfying. Attorneys – both young and old – love their work. And I believe that’s why so many bright, thoughtful and engaging young people fill the halls of law schools across the U.S.

As a lawyer, every day is full of interesting twists and turns. Our profession demands that we seek, meet and overcome a myriad of challenges. Facing them, and testing yourself, is what makes practicing law so satisfying. Every day you’ll discover how good you are, how quickly and creatively you can think, and how much better you’re becoming. The law and the needs of clients are constantly changing. The learning never ends.

I challenge you to find a more interesting and dedicated group of people to work with than you’ll find in the legal profession. Lawyers, from the newest associate to the most senior partner, are a diverse, intelligent and entertaining group of people. They may have a wide range of personalities, but they‘re united by a genuine enthusiasm for their careers.

Finally, I can think of few careers that offer as many opportunities to make a real difference in the community as the practice of law. Through your fellow attorneys and clients, you’ll meet a host of business, political and civic leaders and the movers and shakers who bring so much positive change to our communities. As a lawyer, you can play a key role in helping these people get things done, and you’ll gain immense satisfaction and pride in knowing that because of you, the world around you is a better place.

Congratulations on your outstanding career choice. I truly believe you’ll be amazed by where it takes you.