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About Sweepstakes Law

Sweepstakes Law

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The use of sweepstakes, contests, and marketing promotions has increased dramatically over the past few years – and understandably so. They create buzz about a product or service, generate web traffic, bolster e-mail lists and strengthen the relationship between companies and consumers. But no company should jump into sweepstakes without being aware of the myriad laws and regulations relating to these valuable marketing tools.

That’s where this blog comes in. It’s a resource for anyone interested in creating, sponsoring, or simply learning more about sweepstakes, contests, or other types of marketing promotions. We strive to make this blog a one-stop source of up-to-date information about sweepstakes law issues.

The blog:

  • Aggregates and discusses news pertaining to sweepstakes, contests and promotions;
  • Monitors current developments in case law, court opinions and legislation;
  • Tracks enforcement of sweepstakes laws; and
  • Details best practices for drafting and implementing sweepstakes and pitfalls to avoid.

The blog does not provide legal advice, but offers a wealth of information for sweepstakes creators.  

We welcome your comments and suggestions at any time.