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DOL guidance now available for COBRA premium subsidy

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Key considerations for target companies in a SPAC merger

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IRS clarifies employee retention tax credit rules for Q1 and Q2 of 2021

Small U.S. and China flags together on a desk

Growing U.S.-China tensions put companies in a bind

Hong Kong skyline

U.S. government response in China Section 301 Master Answer continues fight


U.S., EU, and UK ease trade tensions in Boeing-Airbus dispute and temporarily halt tariffs

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IBA confirms cessation of LIBOR tenors

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Illinois adds additional restrictions on use of background checks and new EEO requirements

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SEC emphasizes ESG by establishing new website and taking public comments on climate disclosure

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USTR proposes duties in response to six countries’ Digital Services Tax

Illustration of an umbrella protecting a hand from a virus

COVID-19 and employee mental health: What employers can do

Map of Missouri with pin on Jefferson City

Changes to Missouri discovery rules made official by Missouri Supreme Court


What employers need to know about the COBRA premium subsidy provisions of the American Rescue Plan Act


Will there be reform of Alice and Mayo in 2021?

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Nevada federal judge permits categorical privilege during discovery

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IRS extends filing and payment deadline for individual taxpayers

An illustration of someone signing an online contract

Stay vigilant: Broadly drafted settlement agreements can doom current and future infringement claims

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New DOL guidance on missing participants: What employers should know

A statue of Lady Justice in front of the Texas flag

A race between West Texas and Delaware for the patent venue of choice

IRS building

IRS clarifies legislative changes to the employee retention tax credit


UAV patent battles wage on

restaurant table

Delivering a false impression: Postmates faces unfair competition allegations


The Clock is Ticking: Iowa Jumps into NIL Race with Proposed NIL Bill, effective July 1, 2021


Controlling the airspace: Dogfight begins over defined airspace patents

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It’s not just what you said: Restaurant defeats DoorDash motion to dismiss in class action

A gloved hand withdrawing a vaccine into a needle

What employers need to know about mandatory COVID-19 vaccines and exceptions


The NCAA Implements a Four Corners Offense As it Postpones NIL Rule Changes

Internal Revenue

Preliminary IRS guidance regarding traditional and QACA safe harbor 401(k) plans under the Secure Act

Money, a calculator and a U.S. Treasury document

The current status of LIBOR replacement and what financial institutions and their customers need to know now

The Illinois capital building

Prejudgment interest may be allowed in personal injury and wrongful death claims


FAA ends 2020 with announcement of two major drone rules

Marble columns outside a courthouse

Patent Office clarifies standard for indefiniteness in AIA post-grant proceedings

Map of Missouri with pin on Jefferson City

How Green decision may impact summary judgment practice in Missouri

Aerial picture of a shipping yard with lines of shipping containers

Additional due diligence may be required for many exports to China


New administration, new priorities: Preparing for the Biden-Harris Administration’s key environmental focus areas

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Key tax provisions in the coronavirus relief bill

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EPA recommends new requirements in NPDES permits to address PFAS in wastewater and stormwater

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Chicago raises 'Cloud Tax' in response to $1.2 billion budget gap

Financial figures and stock graphs

SEC expands private placement availability by easing integration requirements

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Year-end planning just got a whole lot more complicated

Electronic stock figures

SEC updates 10-K and 10-Q disclosure requirements – Regulation S-K Items 101, 103 and 105

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What employers should know about lifetime income disclosure requirements for defined contribution plans

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COVID-19 and older employees: What employers should know and how they can lessen the impact

EPA building

EPA Final Rule may keep projects at existing major sources from triggering stringent pre-construction permitting requirements


For communications with litigation funders, caution remains the best course of action

Nuclear cooling tours and energy plant next to a river

2020 ‘Waters of the United States’ Rule narrows federal authority and may open opportunity for development

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Item 402 Pay Ratio Disclosures: Annual proxy statements filed in 2021 may need a new median employee determination

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SEC Tightens Requirements for Shareholder Proposal Rule 14a-8

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Re: U.S. Department of Labor modifies Families First Coronavirus Response Act Leave Rules and limits prior scope of health care worker exception

An empty corporate board room

Diversity-related derivative actions are on the rise, and Corporate America is on edge

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What employers should know about DOL’s final fiduciary rule and proposed prohibited transaction exemption for fiduciaries

Two business people negotiating a contract

Top ten issues to negotiate in an M&A engagement letter during an economic downturn

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IRS issues guidance clarifying President Trump’s payroll tax deferral

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SEC takes significant action, expands definition of 'accredited investor'

A person examining paperwork with someone else

Lawyering in color: The ethics of diversity and inclusion

Internal Revenue

IRS clarifies holding period rules for profits interests and carried interests

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Commerce Department formally suspends most export license exceptions for Hong Kong

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NY federal district court ruling may impact DOL FFCRA regulation

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Key tax provisions of the proposed HEALS Act

A cleaner spraying and wiping off a table

Can employers be liable for COVID-19 cases?

Illustration of signing an electronic form

What employers should know about the DOL final rule for electronic disclosure by retirement plans under ERISA

2020 election pins

Proposed tax plans of the 2020 presidential candidates


Are smart contracts smart enough? COVID-19, force majeure, blockchain and oracles

airplane at sunset

U.S., China ease commercial air carrier tensions


Executive Order 13936, Hong Kong, and China Section 301 Duties

Someone pulling a paycheck from an envelope

Highlights from the SBA’s further guidance on PPP loan forgiveness

An eviction notice with a key

What landlords need to know about Chicago’s ‘Fair Eviction Notice’ ordinance

A semi-truck on a highway at dusk

USMCA allows challenges to U.S. grants of authority given to persons of Mexico providing cross-border long-haul trucking services in the United States


A look at recent student athlete name, image and likeness legislation

Hong Kong skyline

Beware: It’s time to reevaluate your exports and deemed exports to Hong Kong

Medical mask and hand sanitizer on an office desk

How employers are changing employee benefits to address the COVID-19 pandemic


How to use earnouts in M&A transactions during COVID-19

Stores in an upscale outdoor shopping mall

As COVID-19 prompts more retail tenant bankruptcies, how should landlords and lenders respond?

A patent application with an electronic device

USPTO announces relief to restore priority or benefit rights for patent applicants

Condominiums in a city

What landlords need to know about Chicago’s ‘COVID-19 Eviction Protection’ ordinance

Contract in office setting

COVID-related clauses to consider adding to your M&A documents

Illustration of a diverse crowd all wearing medical masks

OSHA issues new guidance on face coverings in light of COVID-19


How will the landmark Title VII decision in Bostock affect employer liability standards for LGBTQ+ employees?


Regulatory Hurdles for Sports Betting in Illinois During COVID-19

Chicago loop skyline

Coming July 1: What Chicago employers need to know about the new paid sick leave, minimum wage and fair workweek rules

Food transporters - semi trucks

Motor carriers and drivers beware: FMCSA scales back COVID-19 immediate needs in latest update to Emergency Declaration No. 2020-20

Applying for PPP loan forgiveness

Congress relaxes Paycheck Protection Program rules

Gavel resting on notebook with idea sketch

Intellectual property and other legal priorities during COVID-19


‘COVID-19 Adjustment’ may lessen Cook County property taxes in light of pandemic

U.S. Supreme Court at sunset

How the Atlantic Richfield decision may impact the EPA Model Consent Decree template

A gavel resting on a computer keyboard

Are you ready for remote depositions? Adjusting to the new normal of litigation


New relief for cafeteria plans and flexible spending accounts due to COVID-19


As sports teams consider reopening venues, what is their liability due to COVID-19?

U.S. dollar bills, a W-2 form, and a 1099G form

Supplemental unemployment benefit plans: A tool for employers responding to the COVID-19 crisis


U.S. Releases guidance addressing sanctions evasion practices in maritime, energy and metal trading sectors

U.S. capitol dome

HEROES Act proposes more potential tax incentives

Internal Revenue

IRS updates filing and payment deadlines and time-sensitive action FAQs

Computers and tablets displaying investment data

Ten due diligence keys to unlock value from your software-as-a-service contract

Businesswoman gesturing

Your guide to the SBA’s certification requirement for women-owned small business concerns

A factory facility and smokestack

Can’t comply with EPA during the pandemic? Documentation is key


How COVID-19 presents estate planning opportunities

A model house next to coins

A good time to consider four essential documents for basic estate planning

food processing factory

From emergency medical products to chicken nuggets: What manufacturers and distributors need to know during COVID-19


DOJ and CFTC use tough tactics to pursue spoofers

illustration of money being handed from one person to another

Effect of “forgiven” PPP loan on the deductibility of covered expenses

Calculator and money

IRS issues proposed regulations on grouping activities in calculating unrelated business taxable income

Rows of orange sports stadium seats

How COVID-19 is likely to strain sports and entertainment partnerships


IPR estoppel: A broad interpretation prevails

Supreme Court-650x510

Supreme Court expands reach of Clean Water Act to cover some discharges to groundwater

U.S. Congress capital building

What employers need to know about the CARES Act Employee Retention Payroll Tax Credit


Rabbi trusts: Taxation basics and drafting beyond the model language

The Illinois capital building

Illinois residents urged to ‘stay at home’

U.S. Supreme Court at sunset

Supreme Court harmonizes showing necessary for an award of profits, resolving circuit split in Romag Fasteners, Inc. v. Fossil, Inc.


COVID-19: Checking in on its impact on the sports world


Supreme Court holds that with respect to institution decisions, no review means no review

credit cards and cash

Practical methods to assure payment and increase collection of accounts receivable during COVID-19

U.S Customs and Border Protection

What importers need to know about postponed duty payments during COVID-19

Someone pulling a paycheck from an envelope

Three tips for Government contractors seeking CARES Act Section 3610 assistance for paying employees or subcontractors

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Effect of COVID-19 tax legislation on NOL carryforwards and carrybacks

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Court grants TRO preventing abrupt termination of essential services during COVID-19

A warehouse interior lit by a sunset

Importing face masks and personal protective equipment during COVID-19

Social security card and money

IRS clarifies Social Security tax deferral under CARES Act