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Common slipups compromising the effectiveness of trusts you have or will create

A man and woman wearing hardhats looking at a clipboard in a manufacturing facility

EPA formalizes approach to avoid federal and state duplication of inspections and enforcement

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Out with the old, in with the NAPSC: FTC announces changes to HSR Revenue Reporting

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Episode 7: The state of sports betting

An open pill bottle spilling prescription pain medicine

Adopting a naloxone in the workplace program: What employers need to know

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Episode 3: Commercial UAS basics

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Federal Circuit holds that states are not entitled to sovereign immunity in inter partes review proceedings

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Section 4960 Excise Tax: What tax-exempt employers need to know

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What U.S. businesses need to know about new restrictions on Huawei and the ICT supply chain


Aggressive government positions expand liability for non-traders

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Air rules to watch for in second half of 2019

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Episode 2: Tips for first-time drone operators

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Episode 6: Addressing sports crises and diversity with David Cornwell

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SEC adopts new procedure for confidential treatment requests and extensions

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Episode 1: Drone disruptions at airports and public spaces


Remember to update your Form 8-K, Form 10-Q, and Form 10-K cover pages

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Seven things employers should know about EBSA investigations

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New ruling requires employers to submit pay data to the EEOC by September 30, 2019

Podcast cover- Three Lawers and a Drone

Podcast: Three Lawyers and a Drone

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EHS voluntary compliance prevents injuries and saves money

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Understanding the importance of recent 403(b) ERISA settlements

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What do the Labor Department proposed overtime changes mean to me?

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Not so fast on your $87 million transaction: FTC increases advance notice threshold under HSR

A heart rate monitor

Surprise billing legislation: What employers need to know

A quadricopter drone with a camera flying in the air

FAA announces new drone rule requiring visible UAS registration number

Photo of U.S. Bankruptcy Court plaque on a building

Bankruptcy court rejects risk-shifting liquidated damages clause in equipment leases

Illustration of signed policy forms

What employers need to know to implement the new hardship withdrawal regulations

St. Louis skyline and Old Courthouse at night

City of St. Louis large building energy reporting deadline is May 1

Person holding a recycling container full of paper products

How employers can use employee benefits to address climate change

Chicago Transit bus

City of Chicago expands TOD Development Benefits to certain bus routes

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Could your company’s freebie for furloughed workers be an ethics problem for them?

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Kina Hart’s message to EHS leaders: ‘Don’t leave safety to others’

Large construction site next to river

‘Waters of the United States’ rule from EPA, Corps may make real estate development more easily achievable and less costly

The Illinois capital building

What’s new with the Illinois Wage Payment Act and four other HR law changes for 2019


Spinning straw into gold: Modifying irrevocable trusts

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Episode 5: Athlete activism and community engagement

Chicago Transit bus

City of Chicago set to expand TOD benefits

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Retirement plans under Tax Reform 2.0: How the Family Savings Act could affect employers

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Episode 4: Nona Lee and Vicky Neumeyer

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A top hat plan checklist for employers

Wedding rings during divorce

Strategies for estate planning during a divorce

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Episode 3: Kenneth Shropshire of the Global Sport Institute

Rundown storefronts

New Opportunity Zone investment may reduce capital gains liability

Completing forms for real estate

How to get the most from your title insurance before and after a real estate transaction

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When should you terminate a defined benefit plan? Four influential factors

California state capital and state flag

California says #MeToo: What employers need to know

Flags of US, Mexico and Canada

NAFTA, tariffs and trade wars: Are you ready to do battle in Missouri?

IRS building

IRS updates safe harbor 402(f) notices for eligible rollover distributions

Bitcoin symbol against financial screen

SEC denies applications for ETFs: Will traditional Wall Street banks step in?

investing in real estate trusts

New guidance on ‘real property’ expands the reach of REITs

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Episode 2: Mike Tannenbaum of the Miami Dolphins

Manufacturing plant without pollution

EPA announces ‘adjacent’ under Clean Air Act now limited to physical proximity

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Episode 1: Josh Whitman of the University of Illinois

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Road sign forking in two directions

Bifurcated trials: A road map for better results for insurers facing non-ERISA disability claims

Illustration of a communications tower and various electronic devices

Participate in standard-setting bodies? The enforceability of your patents could be affected

Drawing of notebook on laptop

5 takeaways from the employee ERISA win in McMillan

warehouse filled with industrial pipes

Seven steps to avoid the new waves of Chinese tariffs on industrial goods