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The hidden exposure of tenant estoppels and SNDAs

lower legs and shoes of a large family

Serving as a trustee: What is the job description?


Amendments to Chapter 12 make it easier for a family farmer to reorganize

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What you should know about estate and gift tax 2018 inflation adjustments

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Benefit issues impacting older workers

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What’s the current landscape for CFTC cryptocurrency regulation?


Amending claims may be getting easier in post-grant proceedings, at least for now

Chicago apartments

Expanded ARO pilot program poised for Chicago City Council approval

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An update on the shifting standard for IPR estoppel


EPA Regional Counsel and MDNR General Counsel discuss environmental enforcement under new administrations

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An ERISA claim check: 9 tips for effective and compliant claims procedures

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9th Circuit’s VidAngel decision vindicates lawful video filtering service


How to guarantee bad performance from your vendors

retirement plan

Someone to watch over me and my 401(k)

Summer Associates

New law may significantly impact international trade

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Key issues in negotiating financeable ground leases


Four hot mid-year topics in California employment law


Participants who roll their pension benefits into IRAs do not ‘receive’ them


Shoring up the PBGC’s Insurance Program for Multiemployer Plans

Diverse Students

Yes, your 18-year-old does need estate planning!

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Forewarned is forearmed? PBGC FAQs clarify the use of the early warning program


Missouri enacts new employment law favoring employers

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Private capital update: Plenty of dry powder, but few targets of opportunity


Supreme Court overturns the Federal Circuit, granting more flexibility to biosimilar makers


Your trademarks now can (but needn’t) be offensive


Something there is that doesn’t love a regulation


Estate planning during divorce: It’s never too early to start

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Secured creditors beware

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Supreme Court clarifies definition of ‘church plan’ under ERISA


Newest criminal spoofing case features coordinated spoofing, front running

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DOL revises guidance regarding exercise of shareholder rights by ERISA fiduciaries


Life insurance planning for the business owner


Control stops here? Supreme Court reins in post-sale control of patented articles

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Trending Wonkology: What is 'Special Counsel'?


Grant and cooperative-agreement recipients: Are your procurement standards compliant yet?


A victory for attorney-client confidentiality: DOL takes formal steps to rescind controversial persuader regulation


Supreme Court heralds tectonic shift in venue selection for patent suits

Inspectors viewing a facility from a distance

What to do when the government comes calling: A checklist for handling facility inspections


Customs withdraws Notice of Proposed Modification regarding the application of coastwise laws


Are ‘Gross Up’ provisions gross in commercial leases?


Gift-giving policies: Seven ethics checks in light of OGE’s Updated Standards


Halo looms over new decision that adds to ERISA risks for claims administrators

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House passes bill to clamp down on class actions


USPTO launches new proof of use audit program


How to protect your family-owned business from your child’s spouse

EPA building

Environmental deregulation under President Trump: Business as usual?


21st Century Cures Act overrules IRS guidance on HRAs, enhances enforcement of Mental Health Parity Act


In a significant change, 2nd Circuit requires strict compliance with Department of Labor claim regulations

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The shifting standard for IPR estoppel: Where are we now?

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5 tips for environmental due diligence in business transactions


Connecting more: Two ways the revised OGE gift standards ease communication with government employees

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Missouri appellate court opens the door to Spearin claims by contractors against public entities

Digital asset

New laws may give fiduciaries power to access digital assets


Recent guidance issued on mental health parity and tobacco cessation programs


March 1 is just around the corner – Have you installed transgender restroom signs?

Missouri State Capitol

Missouri to join Right to Work ranks: Is the fight over or just warming up?

Fever chart

Top three trends in venture debt for 2017

illustration of money being handed from one person to another

Is venture debt right for your start-up or growth-stage company?

Internal Revenue

Why a ‘Grantor Trust’ is a good addition to every estate plan


Summary and implications of proposed 'Counteracting Russian Hostilities Act of 2017'

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Strategies for documenting vessel acquisition and financing transactions


EEOC issues guidance on new wellness notice mandated for 2017


New CME enforcement rules for the new year

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New circuit split raises questions about ‘permit shield’ defense in Clean Water Act cases


Trademark Office warns about deceptive trademark-related solicitations


Traps and pitfalls of joint ownership


D.C. appellate court strikes another nail in the coffin for the Frye test


EPA reveals first 10 chemicals to be reviewed under a more robust toxic substances act

multi-family apartments

Chicago lifts limits on efficiency units close to transit


SCOTUS clarifies damages analysis for design patents, reversing landmark damage award


Texas overtime ruling directly affects California employers

multi-family apartments

A reminder about changes to tenant security deposits in Missouri

football players

What the League giveth: St. Louis’ key role in the history of NFL relocation

online shopping cart

In new litigation, Amazon takes a stronger stance on counterfeit products


Court rejects contractor’s mechanic’s lien because of ‘intent’

retirement plan

Are HR employees ‘investment advisors’ under the DOL’s fiduciary rule?