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U.S. Department of the Treasury

Selling Federal Energy Tax Credits: Who, What, When, and How…and Other Important Points

Missouri flag plus gavel

Missouri Department of Economic Development Proposes Changes to its Historic Tax Credit Regulations

computer screen with financial data

SEC's Recent Rule Changes for Private Fund Advisers: What You Need to Know

Business people meeting in shadows

Employers, Beware: Recent NLRB Decision Makes it Significantly Easier for Employees to Achieve Union Representation Without an Election

Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Expands Title VII Coverage in a Reversal of Longstanding Precedent

Gavel and scale on a desk

Missouri Court of Appeals Provides Additional Guidance on the Admissibility of Expert Testimony


Ohio Enacts New State Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program

electronic form

Employers, Be in the Know: I-9 Changes Are Coming!

A person examining paperwork with someone else

Federal Contractors: 14 Common FAR 52.204-27 (the “TikTok ban”) Questions Answered


FTC Announces Major Overhaul of HSR Merger Reporting Obligations

An empty corporate board room

The New Sell-Side Playbook: Going on Offense


Silbergeld, Elalami Cover What You Need to Know About Biometric Data Violations for Daily Journal


Correcting Patent Inventorship: The High Bar to Overcome Being Trimmed Fat

server room data center

Bitcoin Miner and Lancium patent power showdown in Texas

Crossed checkered flags

Speeding into trouble: F1 racing takes legal action against counterfeit merch sellers

credit cards and cash

Financial institution’s mobile or digital wallet accused of infringing Liberty Peak Ventures’ patent rights

for rent sign in front of new house

Subleasing and false advertising: How trademark law can help property managers

The Illinois capital building

Pay transparency may be coming to Illinois job postings sooner than we thought

A file labelled for new patent applications

PACid sues major financial institution for patent infringement for user authentication technology

electric vehicle charging

Now is the time to electrify your commercial vehicles

european union flags

Preparing for the EU’s upcoming Unitary Patent regime: Four things patent owners need to know

credit cards and cash

AuthWallet sues financial transaction industry for patent infringement


California urges Ninth Circuit to set a higher bar for dismissing false advertising claims at the pleadings stage


New NLRB ruling changes what terms private sector employers can include in many severance agreements

visa document

It’s H-1B cap lottery season time!

A statue of Justice in front of the California flag

Ninth Circuit strikes down California’s ban on mandatory arbitration agreements

Where do BIPA claims stand after the Illinois Supreme Court’s decision on the law’s statute of limitations?

teal dot flow-1073941846

Illinois Supreme Court holds that a five-year statute of limitations will apply to all BIPA Claims

illustration of money being handed from one person to another

Federal court rules that bank doesn’t have to reimburse fraudulent Zelle transfers


Regulations for businesses owning farmland: A primer on AFIDA and state rules

A statue of Justice in front of the California flag

The proposed FTC rule to ban non-compete clauses: What California employers need to know

Gavel and scale on a desk

New year, new laws: A potpourri of new employment laws that went into effect in 2023

Business People

Employers beware! FTC proposes sweeping rule banning nearly all employee (and independent contractor) non-compete agreements

TM on a computer keyboard

Trademark Modernization Act: What we learned after one year


Federal Trade Commission to seek comments on Proposed Updates to its “Green Guides”


Illinois appeals court holds that BIPA Section 15(a) requires retention-and-destruction policies upon possession of any biometric data

world map

International trade policy and compliance reflect holistic shift


SEC adopts new executive clawback requirements for erroneously awarded compensation


Maine’s PFAS product reporting deadline is quickly approaching: Are you ready?

steel roll650x510-185816351650x510

The changing landscape of domestic preferences for federal infrastructure projects under BABA

medical marijuana in a greenhouse

Missouri’s new marijuana law: What employers need to know

HVAC tanks

EPA announces proposed rule on HFC allowance allocations for 2024-2028

Gavel resting on notebook with idea sketch

USPTO official filing receipts erroneously omit foreign filing licenses

message board

EEOC releases new “Know Your Rights” job discrimination poster


Supreme Court to decide limits of attorney client privilege: Why the Ninth Circuit decision spells disaster for the sanctity of legal advice

apple bite

Leveraging the second bite of the apple

What is in a name? Eleventh Circuit holds there is no safe harbor for UCC errors in Florida

California state capital building and California flag

Employers: Get ready for new California HR laws in 2023 and beyond – 10 things to look out for