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construction blueprints with hand

Project owners can effectively combat contractors’ efforts to use the Spearin Doctrine as a sword with strategic planning beforehand

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS holds prejudice is not required for waiver of right to arbitrate

Equal Pay

Illinois Department of Labor issues first guidance on the state’s Equal Pay Act

A statue of Justice in front of the California flag

U.S. Supreme Court sides with employers over arbitration of PAGA claims


The City of Chicago amends sexual harassment laws, including new training, policy, and notice requirements

Computers and tablets displaying investment data

SEC proposes ESG reporting and disclosure requirements for investment advisers

Business People

How to choose a lawyer for the sale of your business


IPR estoppel on grounds similar, but not identical, to grounds that could have been raised in an IPR

California state capital building and California flag

California raises minimum wage for all employers


Think an NFT is not a security? Don’t bet on it. Three lessons from the Texas and Alabama cease and desist order of Sand Vegas Casino Club


Supreme Court rules for Austin, Texas, upholding off-premise sign regulations

Businesswoman gesturing

85% of contractors are at risk of making a false certification in the OFCCP Contractor Portal: Does that include you?

Close-up of green card

USCIS expands premium processing services on certain backlogged immigration cases

Computers and tablets displaying investment data

SEC proposes SPAC rules to provide additional investor protections


New U.S. trademark and copyright procedures

Dollar sign on side of building

An introduction to the Adjustable Interest (LIBOR) Act: The federal response to LIBOR replacement

Elderly hands using a laptop keyboard

USCIS updates guidance on employment authorization for certain E and L nonimmigrant spouses

A sunrise coming over the horizon above the United States

SEC proposes new rules for climate-related disclosure

Padlock sitting on a motherboard

Illinois Appellate Panel Upholds Employer Defense Against Employee BIPA Claims: Union Employee BIPA Claims Preempted by Federal Labor Law


The other side of IPR estoppel: When shotgun petitions backfire

magnifying glass rests on a stack of documents

Illinois Supreme Court ruling curtails prominent BIPA defense


IPR Estoppel: The Federal Circuit finally speaks, and affirms the broader interpretation for estoppel


New law to bar mandatory arbitration of sexual harassment and assault claims


Not so Technical: A Flaw in the CARES Act’s Correction to “Small Business Debtor”


Do I really need a mentor? Does the sun rise in the East?


Crypto crackdown: Why federal regulators are going after new digital currency products


Uyghur Forced Labor legislation passes House & Senate

A gloved hand withdrawing a vaccine into a needle

Sixth Circuit dissolves stay of OSHA vax or test mandate for large employers paving way for enforcement


Missouri Supreme Court clarifies meaning and application of co-employee immunity statute

COVID-19 virus mask

Federal contractor COVID safety protocols may reach further within your workforce than you expect


EPA continues to advance aggressive PFAS strategy with new RCRA rulemakings

magnifying glass rests on a stack of documents

SEC urges SPACs to include disclosures of conflicts of interest

California state capital building and California flag

Employers: Are you ready for new California HR laws in 2022?

spooky open door-182408315

Missouri real estate dispute spotlights the limits of oft-used contract phrase


What can we learn from the DOJ’s latest spoofing conviction?

EPA building

‘Waters of the United States’ and ‘Navigable Waters Protection’ rules remain in flux, as EPA and Corps buy time to propose replacements


Three key differences between the Cargo Preference Act clauses


Legacy Advised Funds: Finally, here’s something to “LAF” about

woman working in warehouse wearing hardhat and mask

12 answers: The federal contractor vaccine and masking requirements

A gloved hand withdrawing a vaccine into a needle

President Biden announces new vaccine mandate for large employers

Illustration of people holding devices featuring COVID-19 headlines

A two-minute overview of the September 9 executive order on contractor “vaccines”


Be prepared for the new Illinois equal pay reporting and certification requirements

The Illinois capital building

Illinois governor signs law that applies limits to non-competition and non-solicitation agreements


HSR filers: Close at your own risk as FTC is overwhelmed by "tidal wave of merger filings"


When can you sue on your new patent? That depends on your time zone.


2021 rules changes: Texas Rules of Civil Procedure


Update – SOFR and LIBOR Replacement


What you need to know about recent changes to New York’s power of attorney law

Someone pulling a paycheck from an envelope

The federal contractor $15 minimum wage: Who, what, when, where, why, how


Amendments to the Illinois Residential Real Property Transfer on Death Instrument Act make significant changes

restaurant table

A spicy relationship between Uber-like delivery services and the restaurants that feed them

An illustration of a clipboard with a checklist

New requirement for corporations doing business in Illinois to publicly report employee demographic data

Supreme Court Tyson Foods

Supreme Court Upholds, but Narrows, Assignor Estoppel