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Getting ‘green’ in all of our offices

February 9, 2018

Thompson Coburn recognizes that all human activity, including the operation of a law firm, has an impact on the environment and the natural world. That’s why our Firm has historically maintained a commitment to sustainability. As a firm and as individuals, we strive to make daily choices in performing our work that help us better manage the resources we use. 

We demonstrate this commitment through a number of initiatives carried out under the direction of office-specific sustainability committees and supported by Firm management.

Here are some highlights of our recent efforts:

  • The St. Louis office has boosted its recycling efforts through an internal education campaign titled, “Can I Recycle This?” along with the addition of 412 recycle bins to work and common areas. Over the course of one year, this has increased our percentage of recycled daily waste from 25% to 68%, resulting in a significant decrease in waste headed to landfills.

  • Our Washington, D.C., office defaults printers to duplex printing to reduce the amount of paper used. Additionally, you will not find any disposable plastic ware in kitchen facilities; the office opted instead to use washable coffee cups, plates and silverware.

  • With an eye towards reducing air pollution, our Chicago office not only offers public transit benefits to employees, but also allows employees to lock bicycles in a dedicated space in the building. The office also uses environmentally-friendly cleaning products and air fresheners.
  • In Los Angeles, employees have worked with building managers to coordinate a battery and ink cartridge recycling program, which diverts this toxic waste from landfills. This specific effort comes full-circle for the office with the purchase of sustainable and recycled products, including recycled toner cartridges, whenever possible.

  • The firm’s Belleville office is embarking on plans for a new recycling effort in 2018.

As a partner in the ABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge and a Leader in the St. Louis Green Business Challenge, Thompson Coburn knows that our environmental goals can only be accomplished as a result of a team effort. Through our dedication to the world around us, we hope to demonstrate a sustained commitment to our community.