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Thompson Coburn client Eightfold.ai launches Talent Exchange to help workers find jobs during COVID-19

April 30, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to impact the U.S. jobs market, two parallel situations have appeared: millions have lost their jobs or have been furloughed, while delivery companies, large retailers, food producers and the like have a huge demand for new employees. Thompson Coburn client Eightfold.ai has teamed up with the Food Industry Association to bridge the two through an online platform, Talent Exchange. McKinsey & Co. has provided support for the Talent Exchange. The platform uses Eightfold’s artificial intelligence algorithms to rapidly match employees with available opportunities.

Talent Exchange provides an accessible platform for industries diminished by COVID-19, organizations with increased demand for employees and individuals impacted by the outbreak to post and find jobs based on their skills and immediate needs.

  • Employers from impacted industries can view their entire impacted workforce in a single dashboard and can filter by role, department or location to see details about the talent needs from hiring companies and how their impacted employees are getting placed in new roles. Employers can place impacted employees into new roles at the hiring companies, thereby building goodwill by offering the employees opportunities to use their skills to provide critically needed help with the new company.

  • Hiring companies can see candidate matches generated by the Exchange, so they can contact these prospects or immediately offer them new jobs through the platform.

  • Employees can create or update profiles and answer questions about their job preferences, information that is readily available for hiring companies to see.

Eightfold’s CEO Ashutosh Garg called Talent Exchange “an incredible way to help the community.” 

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