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Thompson Coburn earns perfect score on LGBTQ equality for 14 consecutive years

January 28, 2022

For the 14th consecutive year, Thompson Coburn has earned a perfect score of 100 points in the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index (CEI) and Best Places to Work Survey. The survey, conducted by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, this year evaluated 1,271 businesses across the country on their treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees, clients and investors.

Thompson Coburn was one of 842 major businesses nationwide to achieve a perfect score in 2022.

"When the Human Rights Campaign Foundation created the Corporate Equality Index 20 years ago, we dreamed that LGBTQ+ workers—from the factory floor to corporate headquarters, in big cities and small towns—could have access to the policies and benefits needed to thrive and live life authentically," said Jay Brown, HRC Senior Vice President of Programs, Research and Training. "There is still more to do, which is why we are raising the bar yet again and ensuring our ‘Best Places to Work’ label continues to be the gold standard. Evolving the CEI’s criteria to mirror society is imperative to create more equitable workplaces and a better tomorrow for LGBTQ+ workers everywhere."

The 2022 CEI evaluates LGBTQ-related policies and practices, including nondiscrimination policies across business entities, equitable benefits for LGBTQ workers and their families, supporting an inclusive culture, and corporate social responsibility. Thompson Coburn’s efforts in satisfying all of the CEI’s criteria results in a 100 percent ranking and the designation as a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality.

This year, CEI’s top score of 100, up from only 13 in its inaugural year, demonstrates the incredible impact the CEI has had on the business world over its 20-year life. Throughout the CEI’s history, new criteria have been periodically introduced to ensure more robust, inclusive policies for LGBTQ+ workers—this year marks the next chapter in the tool’s evolution. HRC Foundation’s newly created CEI criteria will focus on expanding gender-affirming healthcare and workplace policies, ensuring equality in LGBTQ+ family formation benefit offerings, centering LGBTQ+ intersectionality through training and data collection best practices, and more—setting a new standard for LGBTQ+ equality in the workplace.

For more information on the 2022 Corporate Equality Index, or to download a free copy of the report, visit www.hrc.org/campaigns/corporate-equality-index