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Mark Indelicato Provides Go-To Media Commentary on Bankruptcy Hot Topics

May 28, 2024

Mark Indelicato, managing partner of Thompson Coburn’s New York office, recently has been tapped by multiple publications as a key source for his insights into various bankruptcy topics, including Red Lobster’s bankruptcy filing and Johnson & Johnson’s third attempt to resolve talc claims via bankruptcy proceedings.

Mark, whose practice focuses on financial restructuring and bankruptcy law, was quoted in the New York Daily News’ breaking news coverage of the Red Lobster filing, noting that the restaurant chain’s “long awaited” filing could be a sign of things to come. “This is another sign of how ‘long COVID’ is affecting restaurants in particular, but the broader retail environment in major metropolitan areas like New York,” he noted.

He also was quoted in The Deal’s Red Lobster coverage on the recent economy's impact on certain types of businesses. “Not only are the increases in wages beginning to kick in, with the after-effects of the pandemic, you’re seeing inflation kick in at a rate it hasn’t in years," he said. "It’s the perfect storm for these businesses that are low-margin to begin with.”

In another interview with The Deal, Mark discussed Johnson & Johnson’s strategy to resolve talc claims via bankruptcy proceedings, which is now focused on seeking approval from claimants themselves before a judge's green light. He told the publication, “When there’s real financial distress, as we’ve witnessed, the bankruptcy court is a proper forum in which to resolve these claims. It’s not a perfect forum, but it’s a better forum, because the alternative is that the first to the courthouse gets the payments.”

Mark’s recent comments were featured in the below publications:

  • New York Daily News, “Red Lobster files Chapter 11 bankruptcy after shuttering locations”
  • The Deal, “Endless Shrimp Promo Helps Push Red Lobster to Ch. 11”
  • The Deal, “Johnson & Johnson Hopes Third Time’s the Charm”

He has also been a go-to source for media coverage of other major bankruptcy news such as the We Work Chapter 11 restructuring plan and appeared on Bloomberg Law’s podcast as part of that coverage.