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About Internet Law Twists & Turns

Internet Law Twists & Turns

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Internet law is a lot like non-Internet law — but it usually involves some twist. In every field, there is usually some way in which, because of the Internet, traditional law doesn’t work, and a problem develops. Courts, legislatures, or lawyers have to somehow make a fix for that problem.

This blog examines these fascinating Internet law twists. For each area, we describe some business law basics and give you the Internet law twist. We also periodically write about other legal issues related to the creation, publication and dissemination of information via the Internet.

In practically every area of Internet law — social media, blogging, advertising, taxation — some special rules apply to Internet transactions. Internet Law Twists & Turns explains and follow those twists of Internet law, and help businesses understand what they need to know as they use the Internet. If you come across any topics you’d like Internet Law Twists & Turns to cover, please contact Mark Sableman.