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Mark's practice focuses on facilitating clients' communications, in media, marketing and business. He helps news media clients gather and publish news, business clients build their brands, and fight infringement and false advertising. He helps all clients protect and use information technology and conduct business in the online world. In legal terms, he concentrates in intellectual property, media and information technology law.

Mark is a trial lawyer, having spent many months in federal and state courtrooms trying business, media and intellectual property cases. But he recognizes that most cases are resolved out of court, and he directs his practice toward resolving disputes quickly and effectively through correspondence, direct negotiations and alternative dispute resolution techniques.

Mark litigates copyright, trademark, advertising, libel, privacy, unfair competition and trade secret cases, as well as technology and Internet-related claims. He advises clients on intellectual property, media, technology and Internet issues.

Mark has written one book, "More Speech, Not Less: Communications Law in the Information Age," and more than 20 law review articles and book chapters. His article on Internet linking law won the International Trademark Association's Ladas Award in 2003, and his article on artistic expression won a Burton Award for Legal Achievement in 2008. Mark has taught Internet Law, and Censorship and Free Expression, at Washington University School of Law. He has been listed in The Best Lawyers in America® from 1995-2021 (by BL Rankings), and is currently listed in seven areas.

Mark writes for the "Internet Law Twists and Turns" blog found at internetlawtwists.com, and "In Focus, the Photo Copyright Blog," found at copyrightfocus.com. Mark has been quoted on media, Internet and intellectual property law issues in various publications, including the New York Times Cyber-Law Times column, Wall Street Journal, B-to-B, Reuters, National Geographic News, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri Lawyers Weekly, Marketing News, Newsday and New York Post.


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