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Mark Sableman launches Internet Law Twists & Turns blog

July 23, 2013

Intellectual Property partner Mark Sableman has launched a blog focusing on legal issues related to the creation, publication and dissemination of information via the Internet. The blog, Internet Law Twists & Turns, will also offer primers on business law basics and reveal the corresponding Internet law “twist.”

“Internet law is a lot like non-Internet law — but it usually involves some twist,” Mark’s introduction to the blog states. “In every field, there is usually some way in which, because of the Internet, traditional law doesn’t work, and a problem develops. So courts, legislatures, or lawyers have to somehow make a fix for that problem.

“This blog will examine those fascinating Internet law twists.”

Started in early July, the blog has posted a number of entries covering some of the major Internet law twists, plus other on-topic issues related to Internet content.

Mark got the “Internet twists” idea while teaching Internet Law at Washington University School of Law with Thompson Coburn partner Chip Fendell.  “I found that we were often explaining to students that Internet law was a unique combination of standard business law and unique Internet twists. It then occurred to me that the ‘standard law with a twist’ model provided a great way to explain Internet law to interested lay people as well as students.” 

Mark’s practice at Thompson Coburn focuses on facilitating clients' communications, in media, marketing and business. He helps clients gather and publish news, build brands, fight infringement and false advertising, protect and use information technology, and conduct business in the online world. Mark has written one book, “More Speech, Not Less: Communications Law in the Information Age,” and authored a number of book chapters and award-winning law review articles. He has also taught Internet Law, and Censorship and Free Expression, at Washington University School of Law. In 2013, Mark was named the St. Louis Lawyer of the Year in Trademark Law by The Best Lawyers in America® (by BL Rankings).